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Raga Dolls

CD details:

 MD 3249   Wordless Meanings


Raga Dolls are:  David Osborne (violin, guitar- pictured right) : Gary Norman (banjo) : Shannon Birchall (double bass) : George Butrumlis (piano-accordion) : Caroline Craig (vocals) : James Sherlock (guitar)

In the first part of the 20th century, salon ensembles proliferated throughout Europe and North America; small groups of musicians performing in a variety of locations, often hotels and tearooms.  Some became the recording stars of their day: Albert Sandler, Edith Lorand and Dajos Bela, to name but three, led salon "orchestras" of just a few musicians, playing popular classics and modern light music. 

Raga Dolls are helping to revive this all but lost tradition, though they are more akin to modern rock groups in that they include a large percentage of original material in their repertoire

david osborne