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Originally released as 7 separate CDs in 1999, now remastered and repackaged as a luxury box set at a bargain price; this is the series which launched Goldstone and Clemmow as internationally renowned pianists.

This set also includes rarities and Goldstone's completion of one set of sketches, making it more complete than any other 'complete' set of Schubert's original works for four hands at one piano. Each disc contains well over 70 minutes of music - fabulous value! Also included as 'encores' to each program are the Polonaises which were composed by Schumann in honour of (and inspired by) Schubert.

As Anthony Goldstone died on 2 January 2017 while the final preparations for this release were being made, it is also issued in tribute to one of Britain's finest musicians.

See the artist profile page for many other recordings by the duo and Anthony Goldstone solo.

AUDIO SAMPLE: Fantasie, D 9 - extract

dealer release date: May 19, 2017





Available on May 19

CD programs:
Disc 1 total playing time 78:09:
Polonaises in F major, D. 599/4 and D. 824/2;
Marche héroique in D major, D. 602/3;
Deutscher Tanz & Trios, from D. 618;
Rondo in D major, D 608;
2 Ländler in E major, from D. 618;
Grande Marche et Trio in E major, D.819/6;
Grand Duo (Sonate) in C major, D. 812;
Schumann: Polonaise No. 1 in E flat major.
Disc 2 total playing time 76:51:
Overture in F minor/major, D. 675;
Grande Marches et Trios, D. 819/1 & 5;
Variations on an Original Theme in B flat major, D. 603;
Fantasie in F minor, D. 940;
Schumann: Polonaise No. 2 in A major.
Disc 3 total playing time 79:22:
3 Marches Militaires, D. 733;
Rondo in A major, D. 951;
Polonaise in A major, D. 824/5;
Grande Marche et Trio in G minor, D. 819/2;
Divertissement à la hongroise, D. 818;
Polonaise in B flat major, from D.618a (completed by A. Goldstone);
2 Ländler & Deutscher Tanz, D.814/1&2, D. 783/8;
Schumann: Polonaise no. 3 in F minor.
Disc 4 total playing time 77:22:
Fantasie, D. 1;
Polonaise in D major, D. 824/4;
Grande Marche et Trio in D major, D. 819/4;
2 Ländler in C minor & C major, D. 814/3&4;
Grande Marche funèbre in C minor, D. 859;
Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major, D. 813;
March in G major, D. 928;
Schumann: Polonaise No. 4 in B flat major.
Disc 5 total playing time 77:37
Grande Marche héroique, D. 885;
Fantasie, D. 9;
Polonaises in E major, D. 824/6 and D. 599/3;
Variations on a French Song, D. 624;
Deutscher Tanz in C major, D. 783/9;
Deux marches caractéristiques, D, 886;
Duo in A minor, D. 947;
Schumann: Polonaise no. 5 in B minor.
Disc 6 total playing time 75:26:
Overture in G minor, D. 668;
Variations on a Theme from Hérold's opera "Marie" ;
16 Deutsche Tänze, from D. 783;
Fugue in E minor, D. 952;
Marche héroique in B minor, D. 602/1;
Polonaises in D minor, D. 824/1 and D. 599/1;
Grande Sonate in B flat major, D. 617;
Grande Marche et Trio in B minor, D. 819/3;
Schumann: Polonaise No. 6 in E major.
Disc 7 total playing time 75:39
Fantasie. D. 48;
2 Ecossaises, from D. 783;
Allegro moderato and andante, D. 968;
Marche héroique in C major, D. 602/2;
Divertissement on French themes, D. 823;
Schumann: Polonaises No. 7 in G minor and No. 8 in A flat major.

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