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Composer John Jeffreys died on 3 September 2010. We are deeply saddened by the passing of a highly skilled composer.     
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Ian Partridge has become almost a legend amongst British tenors, and his partnership with his sister Jennifer produces a formidable team indeed. This album features 24 songs by one of the greatest, and yet relatively unheralded, composers - John Jeffreys. A splendid collection of quintessential Englishness but with a musical and emotional appeal that is international.

Whilst most of the songs on this album were recorded in the 1990s and appeared on a Meridian album, this new CD has been made from a completely different and superior mastertape, and has been digitally remastered, to produce the best sound.

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In Pride of May







(all by John Jeffreys)
Merry Eye
Black Stitchel
Stow on the Wold
Candle Gate
Jillian of Berry
In Pride of May
That Ever I Saw
My Little Pretty One
'Tis Time I Think
The Poacher's Dog
I am the Gilly of Christ
The Falcon
O my Dere Hert
Who is at my Window
What Evil Coil of Fate
Severn Meadows
it is Winter
Yet will I love her
The Little Pretty Nightingale
Ha'nacker Mill
The Little Milkmaid
Little Trotty Wagtail

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“Jeffreys deserves to be considered on a par with much better known composers... areal gift for lyrical writing. Partridge has one of the most instantly recognizable tenor voices of the 20 th Century, limpid and sweet, with consummate control and impeccable diction. His sister is a distinguished accompanist and teacher. Together they present an engaging and rewarding program. Good notes and texts” – R. Moore (American Record Guide)

“Tenor Ian Partridge and his pianist sister Jennifer have done much for British music down the years. The present disc showcases the composer John Jeffreys with 24 song-writing gems... always the musical setting responds to the text sensitively and tellingly.” – Peter Palmer (Nottingham Evening Post)

There is no doubt that John Jeffreys is a natural songwriter. Without exception these songs display a strong melodic impulse. His response to texts is distinctive and very much his own. There's great pleasure to be had in listening to these songs. And what a delight it is to have another example of the artistry of Ian Partridge! His timbre is utterly distinctive and I've always appreciated his singing. Here the clarity of his diction, the easy, unforced delivery, the vocal control and the evident empathy with both words and music are all consistently evident. His sister and regular recital accompanist, Jennifer Partridge, is no less fine an advocate for these songs. It's hard to imagine that John Jeffreys' songs could have been better served. Though the recordings were made over fifteen years ago the sound is fully satisfactory. I've greatly enjoyed making the acquaintance of these songs and I know I'll return to this disc with pleasure in the future. I urge all lovers of English songs to seek out this very fine disc.” – John Quinn (MusicWeb)