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Erik Chisholm is not a well-known name but is one of the most important British composers of recent years, with a very large output of music in several genres. Much of his music is based on Scottish tunes, such as the Piobaireachd (bagpipe airs) which appear throughout his piano works. The acclaimed pianist Murray McLachlan has recorded the majority of his solo piano output for a total of 7 CDs all at mid-price.

Check out the whole series: volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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playing time: 76.09 
direct sale price:  £8.50
audio  sample: Piobaireachd no. 11 (The Highland Society of Scotland's Salute -
Failte Comunn Gaidhealach Albainn)
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Piobaireachd for solo piano nos. 5-8,10-13.
Sonatina no. 3
Eight Cameos
Six Highland Sketches
Six Portraits

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“[Chisholm] is capable of writing with succinct economy and yet there are always surprising twists of harmony and rhythm that avoid the commonplace. Throughout this disc Murray McLachlan once again shows his dedication to the Chisholm cause. I hope other pianists will be inspired by him and play Chisholm's music; some of it ought to find a place in the repertoire. At his best Chisholm's piano music can hold its own among that of the first half of the twentieth century. It simply demands to be heard.” – David Hackbridge Johnson (MusicWeb)

“My regard for Chisholm grows with each new recording of his music. Every piece is strongly characterised and his musical language(s) are widely derived and have a feeling of original thinking. This newest attempt to bring Chisholm out of the shadows ought to succeed; a composer well worth exploring.” - Peter Grahame Woolf (Musical Pointers)
“I can hardly imagine anyone wanting just a single volume of this collection of piano music; this is possibly one of the most important single contributions to British piano music alongside that of Bax, Ireland, Sorabji, Hoddinott and Cyril Scott.. [The Sonata] is an undoubted masterpiece. Murray McLachlan has made an important contribution to the literature of British piano music. Moreover, McLachlan has been well served by the fine recording.. the learned programme notes are a joy to read. I look forward to hearing the subsequent Cds in this eye-opening cycle with great anticipation and enthusiasm. It is one of the musical discoveries and revelations of the twenty-first century. John France (MusicWeb) joint review of volumes 1-4)
“These four CDs... already provide evidence of one of the most important oeuvres for the instrument of any British composer. McLachlan's achievement in presenting this huge and hugely neglected body of piano music deserves enormous praise” – Martin Anderson (International Piano – joint review of vols 1-4)
“McLachlan is supremely sensitive...just as he is unafraid. This is a superb series of discs that will either individually or collectively act as a splendid introduction to Chisholm's intriguing music.” – Colin Clarke (Fanfare – joint review of vols 1-4)

“Newcomers to Chisholm's piano music will invariably find it profoundly musical characteristics first, it is supremely well written for the keyboard, by a composer who we know was a keyboard virtuoso himself- there is nothing ‘unpianistic' in his writing. There is deeply creative musical intelligence at work here. [On this CD] we encounter Chisholm in more cosmopolitan vein... to reveal another side of Chisholm's remarkable artistry.” – Robert Matthew-Walker (International Record Review