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Mieczyslaw Weinberg (aka Moisey Vainberg) was in fact born and raised in Poland, but the vast majority of his compositional career was in the Soviet Union and he remained there for the rest of his life, in Minsk (now the capital of independent Belarus). He therefore comes well within the definition of 'Russian' for the purpose of this series and was certainly treated as such by the authorities. This and the succeeding album (dda25107) which includes the remaining three sonatas, were originally released on the now defunct Olympia label but had a relativley short life and restricted distribution, and are still the only full recordings of these very fine works. This is music which though modern is written to comply with Soviet requirements and is thus also very approachable and melodic without ever being trite or unoriginal.

vol. 1 - Shostakovich and Comrades  vol. 2 - Vladimir Rebikov vol. 3 - Reinhold Glière
vol. 4 - Sergei Lyapunov
   vol. 5 - Anton Arensky   vol. 6 Sergei Rachmaninov
vol. 7 - Sergei Prokofiev    vol. 8 - Mussorgsky   vol. 10 - Mieczyslaw Weinberg  vol. 11 - Galina Ustvolskaya
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CD DURATION:  70:35  

AUDIO SAMPLE: Sonata no. 1 - 4th mvt (extract)






Piano Sonata no. 1, Op. 5 (1940)
Piano Sonata no. 2, Op. 8 (1942)
Piano Sonata no. 3, Op. 31 (1946)
17 Easy Pieces, Op. 24 (1946)

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“There has finally been an overdue resurgence of interest in the music of Mieczyslaw Weinberg ... it's reassuring to see the same care being applied to his piano music output. The Russian Piano Music Series of recordings on the Divine Art label has been a pleasure to follow, with one great release after another, and this 9th volume in the series is no exception. It's proven to be my favorite yet. It may very well set the bar high for future Weinberg interpreters.” - Jean-Yves Duperron (Classical Music Sentinel)

“The music of Weinberg is very fine. He is a superb craftsman ... his compositions are relentlessly intense. Weinberg has a considerable melodic gift as well. It is pleasant to hear his work played by Murray McLachlan who has a beautiful supple tone, adding a wider field of sonority and textures than one would expect.” – Raymond Beegle (Fanfare)

“Formidable playing from Murray McLachlan. In the wrong hands this music could lose the flow, momentum and sense of structure but McLachlan maintains all of this superbly. Murray McLachlan is ideal in this repertoire, playing with both sensitivity and bravura. These beautifully produced discs are thoroughly recommended.” - “TheClassicalReviewer”

“Soviet piano music almost on a par with Shostakovich and Prokofiev, admirably played by this splendidly gifted pianist. Virtually flawless playing and recording” * * * * * – James Palmer (Musical Opinion – joint review with vol. 10)
“Here [is volume 9] of Divine Art's ever-enterprising Russian Piano Music Series. Murray McLachlan's performance, here as elsewhere, is brawny, relentlessly energetic and fully committed..” – Michael Round (International Piano)

“Thoroughly idiomatic and assured playing.” – Jonathan Woolf (MusicWeb)