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Karin Hellqvist (violin), Pontus Langendorf (percussion)

This CD presents a range of the finest new works for flute solo (and some with accompaniment) from some of Europe's most dynamic and forward-thinking composers. Richard Craig is a specialist in new music whose technique and ability are well demonstrated in these virtuosic works. All of the pieces here, apart from those by Ferneyhough and Sciarrino, are given their world premiere recordings on this CD.

CD DURATION:  63:24  

AUDIO SAMPLE: 'Alpha Waves' by Malin Bång (extract)






Dominik Karski:
Streamforms (solo bass flute)
Brian Ferneyhough:
Unity Capsule (solo flute)
Evan Johnson:
L'art de toucher le clavecin, 2 (piccolo & violin)
Malin Bång:
Alpha Waves (solo alto flute)
Salvatore Sciarrino:
Venere che le grazie la fioriscono (solo flute)
John Croft: l'aura che trema (alto flute & electronics)
Richard Barrett:
Inward (flute & percussion)

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“Commanding and often beautiful authority. The first essential new music CD of 2011?” – Tim Rutherford-Johnson (The Rambler)

“A display of excellent technical virtuosity of which Craig derives to be proud… thoroughly gripping and exciting to listen to. Richard Craig is a master of contemporary techniques for his instrument. He approaches the avant-garde with an obvious technical control and clear musical understanding and the music is well communicated. The disc has much to offer in terms of both its repertoire and quality, and there is a pleasing consistency of standards throughout.” – Carla Rees (MusicWeb)

“Inward has been in development for six years and the quality of Craig's presentation and attention to detail shows this. Richard Craig is certainly [a champion] to be reckoned with. This is music to take slowly and with an open mind. It grows on you..” – Peter Grahame Woolf (Musical Pointers)

“Astonishing virtuosity… all of the music on the disc is ferociously original. An album that fully engages the listener… [an] important and essential release.” – “Pliable” (

“Remarkable playing, remarkable possession of the music by the performer through a wide range of style and situations. This is a record full of fluting life” – Paul Griffiths (

“There is a conviction and enthusiasm in his playing that holds your attention and promotes the idiom as well as anyone else can. Anyone who has an interest in the avant-garde will find reward in the playing and selections here.” – Gorman (American Record Guide)