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JOHN TURNER (recorder), RICHARD HOWARTH (violin),

An exquisite programme of modern chamber music which succeds in being both thoroughly modern and individual whilst also maintaining traditional tonailty and lyrical qualities. All of these works are recorded here for the first time and are without exception minor masterpieces of the genre. This is the second in Metier's new lyrical chamber music series, following msv28520

playing time: 73.09 
direct sale price:  £12.00
audio  sample:  'Dance' from Three-Piece Suite by Michael Hurd
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Michael Hurd:
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Five Preludes for Piano
Sonatina for Recorder and Piano
Three Piece Suite for Recorder & String Quartet
Robin Milford:
Prelude, Op. 92, for Violin, Cello and Piano
Three Airs, Op. 109, for Recorder and Piano
Fantasia in B minor, Op. 74, for String Quartet
Sonatina in F, Op. 107, for Recorder and Piano
Christmas Pastoral, Op.111
Dick Blackford:
Concerto for Recorder and String Quartet

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“The [Hurd] Violin Sonata is lyrical all right and gets a lovely reading with good, clean sound. John Turner gives a stunning virtuoso performance [of the works for recorder]. Delightful. Highly recommended.” – Harold J. Diamond (The Delian)

“[Hurd]'s music is markedly more tuneful than that of his mentor Michael Berkeley. The immediate attractiveness of most of [Milford's] works bear out their aptness for children. [Blackford's] Concerto has a mysterious slow movement leading to a dazzling finale full of virtuosos fireworks. Performances are first-rate from the soloists, notably the recorder player John Turner.” – Edward Greenfield (Gramophone)

“The [performers'] varied ensemble is typified by a pleasing, measured equanimity and innate sense of proportion: an ideal approach in music of pastoral character. Throughout the disc there's balm to spare; truly a panacea for the stressed or troubled in spirit.” – Howard Smith (Music & Vision)

“ Michael Hurd's chamber music is very approachable indeed. The [Milford works are] expressive, highly attractive. [Blackford's] Concerto is a buoyant, uplifting experience. The recordings and performances are excellent. Those fond of the pastoral-dance-baroque patterns in British music will enjoy this selection.” – Jonathan Woolf (MusicWeb)

“Three English composers who were unfashionably lyrical last century delight us now.” – Phillip Sommerich (Classical Music)

“Every work here is a charming listen, with Hurd's Sonatina and Blackford's Concerto being especially worth hearing. All performers are excellent: poised, colorful and responsive to each other, with special praise going to Richard Howarth. A fine, melodic way to spend 73 minutes. Take the plunge.” – Barnaby Rayfield (Fanfare)

“The music is interesting … rather sunny 20 th Century British music. [Dick Blackford's] Recorder Concerto is a lovely and lively piece.” – Fine (American Record Guide)