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The first release from our American branch, and something of a departure, Otto is an ensemble from Nashville comprised of two classical musicians and two from the world of light jazz. Together they create a new sound of laid-back music which can still be quite adventurous harmonically, combining flute/clarinet, cello, vibraphone and steel guitar. Their repertoire stretches from modern pop to the French impressionist composers and they should have quiet a big future in the light music world!

Otto are: Jim Hoke (pedal steel and autoharp; Austin Hoke (cello); Robbie Shankle (flute, clarinet, saxophone); Kirby Shelstad (vibraphone)

playing time: 46.15
direct sale price:  £9.99
audio  sample:  Bells of Porlock (J. Hoke) - beginning
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Pavane (Gabriel Fauré)
Blue Mailboxes 1-3 (Jim Hoke)
Mom and Dad (Frank Zappa)
Mignon (Glover Johns Gill)
Bells of Porlock (Jim Hoke)
Accident (David Byrne)
Trois Gnossiennes (Erik Satie)
Sumare (Darius Milhaud)
Don't Talk (Brian Wilson)
Fable for Four (Jim Hoke)
Two and Two (Jim Hoke)
Aybee Sea (Frank Zappa)
Friday on my Mind (Young/Vanda)
Vaguely French (Jim Hoke)

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“Most of the tracks on this disc are by Jim Hoke and they're all delightful. Fauré's Pavane is really lovely, and the Satie and Milhaud miniatures readily lend themselves to this kind of arrangement. This disc has been one of the most unusual and enjoyable experiences this year. There's nothing but good feeling here, and it's very laid-back and cool.. the kind of disc you might return to when you want cheering up. Purely for enjoyment.” – Bob Briggs (MusicWeb)

"Think of them as the hillbilly Kronos Quartet" - Nashville Scene
“Hoke and company let the good times roll. This is a delightful new side to one of the hardest working men in show business.” – Chris Spector (MidWest Record)