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The English stage musical reached its zenith in the period from 1910 to around 1930, combining the genres of musichall and operetta to wonderful effect, before the Broadway musical style became the rage. Most of the composers of these fabulous shows have been long forgotten except by enthusiasts, but now their light and joyful tunes are being rediscovered. This disc follows 'The Monckton Album' - one of our best sellers, and features orchestral and vocal works by Herman Finck, director of the Palace Theatre in London and one of England's best loved composers and conductors in his day. Superb performances by Pirjo Levandi and Kelli Uustani (sopranos), Mart Sander (baritone) and the Orchestra of Bel Etage.

hear YouTube medley of tuness from the album playing time: 67.54  
direct sale price:  £9.99
audio  sample: Jocoso (extract)  
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In the Shadows
Hullo, Girls!
My Waltz Queen
Dear Old Fighting Boys
My Lady Dragonfly Ballet Suite
The K-Nuts Medley
Queen of the Flowers
Moonlight Dance
Decameron Nights - Suite

review extracts: for full reviews click here

“Spirited Estonian performers, charming British theatre music: a delightful mix. Selections from Decameron Nights show Hermann Finck at his best.” [three stars awarded] Geoff Brown (BBC Music Magazine)

“As with the companion Monckton album the cast and orchestra provides crisp pleasure. We hear right from the opener that the small band is well attuned to the Light Music theatrical genre. You will enjoy this album of Herman Finck's easygoing music. It certainly deserves to stand alongside the better known Monckton.” – Jonathan Woolf (MusicWeb)

“An excellent cross-section of Finck's music; this music is good, well written and enjoyable.. Divine Art ... have captured the mood and the spirit of Edwardian times ... this CD is a piece of musical archaeology: it is exciting to unearth it some 90-odd years after it was composed. The singers and the band sound perfectly home in the music hall environment.” – John France (MusicWeb)

“Finck's music and the sounds of the voices are very pleasant indeed. The orchestral and vocal interpretations are true to that era [when the music was written].” – Maria Nockin (Fanfare)