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PREMONITIONS: music by Nigel Clarke
Peter Sheppard Skærved (violin), Tamami Honma (piano), Janne Thomsen (flute), Neil Heyde (cello), Philip  Mead (piano), James Watson (trumpet).

Nigel Clarke identifies himself with the virtuoso performer, and with the spirit of innovation, exploration and textural ambiguity.  Utilising advanced aleatoric techniques and demanding that his performers "push the envelope", he produces fascinating pieces indeed.

playing time: 71.08 
direct sale price:  £8.50
audio  sample:  Premonitions (3rd section - extract)
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Lindisfarne Stone
Echo and Narcissus
Chinese Puzzles

review extracts: for full reviews click here
“This is a fascinating CD of contemporary music by a composer at the cutting edge of his art. Here is music of penetrating intellectual achievement from a mind capable of using music to realise complex musical concepts with crystalline three-dimensional clarity. Wonderful value and I highly recommend it.” - Leslie Sheills (Pan Magazine)
“You get the firm impression of a composer with an acute sensitivity to intervals and timbres, and the imagination – not just the skills – to transform his materials into compelling musical forms. There's a strong roster of players here.” Performance * * * * * Sound * * * * - Keith Potter (BBC Music Magazine)