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A collection of melodies inspired by the medieval centers of barter and exchange centered along busy trade routes.

Cantigas, one of Australia's premier early music ensembles with several Move CDs to their credit, play a repertoire of medieval and folk-based music from Europe, Asia and the Midle East, using percussion. recorder and medieval string instruments.

playing time 73.28
direct sale price:  $18.99
audio sample: Santa Maria

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trad: Nota; Quant Ay; Chose Tassin; Minstrel Melodies; Bonum est Factum;
Village Fair; Constantinople; Istanpitta; Balaam Prophetanti; Santa Maria
Himalayan Journey; Mogami's Ferryman; Saltarello; Ecce torpet probitas
(all above arranged by Cantigas);
von Vogelweide: Nu alrest
Machaut: Douce dame jolie
de Bornelli: Reis glorios
Machaut: Se je souspir