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Two of Australia's most prominent jazz musicians present a fine mix of standards and new pieces by the performers.

playing time: 62.09  
direct sale price:  $18.99
audio  sample: I should care (extract)  
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Goodby Michel (Gould)
I should care (Cahn, Stordall, Weston)
Some other time (Bernstein)
The wind (Reed)
My favourite things (Rodgers, Hammerstein)
My romance (Rodgers, Hart)
The old country (Lewis, Adderley)
River story (Petrucci)
Beija Flor (Cavquinho, Silva, Tomaz)
When you wake you can see the trees (Gould)

review extracts:
“It is almost impossible to concentrate on the technical mastery of these songs because of the way the spirits and emotions are lifted into the realms of pure enjoyment.” - Michael Foster, Canberra Times
“Much of Gould's appeal as a pianist lies in his infallible, sumptuous elegance and a touch to die for ... he is right in his element in these intimate settings. Add Petrucci's virtuosity and it's a delightful match. Witness the way they dance the light fantastic and work off each other” - Leon Gettler, The Age - Green Guide
“beautifully recorded, the performances emphasise the delicate interaction between the two players as they accompany or create beautiful melodic lines over this collection of well crafted tunes ... This is music for savouring ... has sufficient depth to please even the most discerning of jazz listeners.” - Greg Fisher, Jazz Views
“an enjoyable mix of original pieces and standards. The performances are splendidly spontaneous” - New Classics, UK
“The playing standard is second to none and the songwriting is brilliant ... The simplicity of the arrangements and improvisation talents add greatly to the sound, which is a testament to the chemistry that is eveident between these fine musicians.” - Stephen Green, Australian Music Biz