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Emma's voice is sensuality incarnate: breathtakingly warm. Laid back jazz vocals float beautifully over bossa and samba rhythms. This unusual mix is inspired by the work of Brazilian artist Antonio Carlos Jobim. The result is an acoustically spacious album which seduces the senses with a mix of familiar and new material. Recording started in 2007. The project has since undergone amazing and loving transformations with the expertise of producer Paul Boath, musical director Todd Sidney and the team at Move Records. The raw inspiration of acoustic Brazil and the brilliant talents of the likes of Bob Sedergreen feature on this 12 track disc, which flows effortlessly between original and reinterpretated compositions. Composer Tom Jobim and his cohorts turned sex on the beach into sound (the 60s bossa nova) with a fusion of acoustic latin rhythms and laid back jazz improvisation. Picture a walk on the beach singing, the sea on a sunny summer afternoon while a sometimes unpredictable breeze plays over brown bodies and shining waves. This album was inspired by that love, that moment in time recast into the new century.

playing time: 63.43  
direct sale price:  $18.99
audio  sample: Corner of the Earth (extract)  
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Corner of the Earth (Kay, Harris)
Intersection (Sedergreen, Jacques)
Agua de Beber (de Moraes, Jobim, Gimbel)
Infant Eyes (Shorter)
Tangerine (Mercer, Schertzinger)
Corcovado (Jobim)
Catching the Wave (Sidney)
Man with the Child in his Eyes (Bush)
Moonlight in Vermont (Suessdorf, Blackburn)
Telephone Song (Menescal, Boscoli, Gimbel)
I Concentrate on You (Porter)
Unforgettable (Gordon)

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