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md 3349
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This recording features the resonant and meditative sounds of the modern day low flutes. These unique instruments transverse down to deep dark tones and into the depths of low frequencies still unexplored by most woodwind instruments, especially flutes. The hyperbass flute alone plays lower than a concert piano, as the subcontrabass flute shares the same range as the orchestral string bass. These austere, breathy and even creepy flute sounds should inspire an abundance of musical imaginations. The title of the album originates from the dramatic medium, yet has direct applications to our musical language. Monologue is the sharing of one's personal thoughts and feelings to an audience, as dialogue is the written or verbal exchange between two or more people. These sonic relationships of musical sound and feeling create a purpose far beyond everyday entertainment, and may go as far as embodying healing powers for mind, body and soul.
See also Peter's earlier album "Below" (MD3330)

playing time: 77.07 
direct sale price:  $18.99
audio  sample: ' Burlesque' from Serenade and Burlesque (extract)
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Madelyn Byrne:
In a Winter Landscape
(bass flute and electronics )
Ross Edwards:
(alto flute)
Adrienne Albert:
Three for Two
(alto, bass and contrabass flutes)
Gary Schocker:
Dark Star
(bass flute and piano)
Hilary Taggart:
Noisy Oyster
(solos for alto, bass and contrabass)
Vaughan McAlley:
Serenade and Burlesque
(2 c-flutes, alto, bass and contrabass)
Stanley M. Hoffman:
Meditations and Memories
(alto flutes)
Vincent Giles:
Differing Dialogues
bass flute and prerecorded low flutes)
David Loeb:
Winter Sarabande
(bass flute)
Mike Mower:
Two Sonnets
(alto flute and piano)
Houston Dunleavy:
(contrabass flute)
Peter Sheridan (after Dominy Clements):
Groaning Oceans
(hyperbass flute and electronics)
Michal Rosiak:
Quasi Latino
(low flutes quartet)

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"remarkable flautist ... well filled and widely varying ... highly attractive ... program ... high entertainment factor. This release stands witness to the breadth of Peter's achievement as a performer and stimulator of new work for low flutes." - Dominy Clements (MusicWeb)
"Certainly a unique CD. This is much more than a CD that would only appeal to flute players. It's a fine assembly of works by many different composers and fascinating to listen to." - John Sunier (Audiophile Audition)