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23001 (ATH CD1)   John Field Nocturnes Joanna Leach
23002 (ATH CD2)   Haydn: Variations and Sonatas Joanna Leach
23003 (ATH CD3)   Four Square: early classical piano works Joanna Leach
23004 (ATH CD4)   Clementi Piano Sonatas now reissued on Diversions 24113
23005 (ATH CD5)   Schubert: Impromptus now reissued on Diversions 24112
23006 (ATH CD6)   Schubert: Die Schöne Müllerin Richard Edgar-Wilson & Joanna Leach
23007 (ATH CD7)   Schubert - piano works Peter Katin
23008 (ATH CD8)   Schumann piano works Andreas Boyde
23009 (ATH CD9)   Peter Katin in recital (Liszt, Brahms) Peter Katin
23010 (ATHCD10)   Dussek: Duos Concertants, etc. Derek Bell & Joanna Leach
23011 (ATHCD11)   Chopin First and Last now reissued on Diversions 24116
23012 (ATHCD12)   Havergal Brian - piano works Raymond Clarke
23013 (ATHCD13)   Titanic 10-15 April 1912 Ronan Magill
23014 (ATHCD14)   Bell - Symphony no 2 etc Derek Bell, Vratza Philharmonic Orch. etc
23015 (ATHCD15)   Mathias and Pickard Piano Sonatas now reissued on Diversions 24111
23016 (ATHCD16)   Shostakovich 9th Symphony / Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no. 2 Andreas Boyde, Freiburg Philharmonic Orch.
23017 (ATHCD17)   Pictures and Reflections Andreas Boyde
23018 (ATHCD18)   Shostakovich piano music Raymond Clarke
23019 (ATHCD19)   Szymanowski piano music Raymond Clarke
23021 (ATHCD21)   Dvorak & Schoenfield Concertos Andreas Boyde
23022 (ATHCD22)   Haydn: Capriccio and Sonatas Joanna Leach>
23023 (ATHCD23)   Piano Variations: Schumann & Brahms Andreas Boyde
23024   Chopin: Scherzi and Impromptus Bernard d'Ascoli
23025   Scarlatti: 16 keyboard Sonatas Joanna Leach
23026   A Century of Domestic Keyboards 1727-1832 Joanna Leach
STANDARD PRICE (2* = 2CD for price of 1; 2CD=double midprice)
23201 2* Chopin: Complete Nocturnes Bernard d'Ascoli
23202   Schumann, Franz and Brahms: Lieder Stephan Loges & Alexander Schmalcz
23203 2CD Telemann: 24 Fantasies (Great Violins, vol. 1) Peter Sheppard Skærved
23204 2CD [future release]  
23205   Ole Bull etc - Salon Concert (Great Violins, vol. 2) Peter Sheppard Skærved & Roderick Chadwick
23301 3CD Johann Mattheson - 12 Suites for Harpsichord Gilbert Rowland