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DVD003   Shining Night - Portrait of Morten Lauridsen (DVD) (sold from our USA branch)
DSM 3   Guardian Spirit Dan Evans
DSM 4   Spirit Dancing Dan Evans
DSM 5   Autumn Dance Dan Evans
DSM 6   Let it be Me Dan Evans
move     please note that Move CDs are only sold by Diversions, USA not by Divine Art UK
Catalogue number link will take you to the American version of this site operated by Diversions LLC (Brandon Music/Divine Art USA)
MD 3013   Pachelbel, Buxtehude organ music Douglas Lawrence
MD 3031   Sculthorpe: Piano Music various artists
MD 3020   Festival of Organ Masterpieces Douglas Lawrence
MD 3030   Sydney Opera House Organ - Inaugural Recitals various artists
MD 3032   Sing out with Joy Cantus Choro
MD 3044   Monodies La Romanesca
MD 3045   Glass and Clay Ros Bandt
MD 3062   Hymns for All Seasons Cantus Choro
MD 3066   Contemporary Australian Piano Larry Sitsky
MD 3071   Rush, Sebastian the Fox and Other Goodies George Dreyfus Chamber Ensemble
MD 3075   Stargazer Ros Bandt
MD 3076   Conyngham: Fly, an Australian Opera Victoria State Opera Company
MD 3077   The man in the Velvet Suit Billy Williams
MD 3078   Fandango Elizabeth Anderson & Douglas Lawrence
MD 3079   We Wish you a Merry Christmas The Choir of Ormond College
MD 3081   Marshall-Hall: Symphony Queensland Theatre Orch. cond. W. Bebbington
MD 3082   Music for Wind Ensemble Melbourne Windpower
MD 3084   De Profundis: Music by Larry Sitsky Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Petra String Quartet etc.
MD 3089   The Echo of Orpheus John Griffiths
MD 3090   Images: music for flute, oboe and guitar Prudence Davis. Jeffrey Crellin and Peter Lynch
MD 3091   14th century music vol.1 Ensemble of the 14th century
MD 3092   14th century music vol.2 Ensemble of the 14th century
MD 3093   14th century music vol.3 Ensemble of the 14th century
MD 3094   14th century music vol.4 Les Six
MD 3098   George Dreyfus Film music Melbourne & Queensland Symphony Orchestras, cond. G Dreyfus
MD 3102   Duruflé Organ Music Edward Theodore
MD 3103   Tony Lewis: Passage Tony Lewis etc.
MD 3104   Bach, Byrd & Britten Choir of Ormond College
MD 3105   Pacific Sound Colin Offord
MD 3106   Horn Destinations Richard Runnels
MD 3114   Iberian Triangle La Romanesca
MD 3115   Night and Dreams Merlyn Quaife & Jochen Schubert
MD 3117   Reflections Ronald Farren-Price
MD 3120   Melbourne Sounds Grand Thomas Heywood
MD 3127   Baroque Trumpet & Strings Paul Plunkett and ensemble
MD 3128   Musical Transfiguration Le Tuan Hung & Le Thi Kim
MD 3129   The Marvellous World of George Dreyfus Various Artists
MD 3131   Musical Portraits from the Salons of Paris Elizabeth Anderson
MD 3135   Footsteps Ros Bandt and Friends
MD 3136   Bamboo Organ Douglas Lawrence
MD 3137   Silk and Spice Cantigas
MD 3140   Telemann Duo Sonatas Lesley Lewis & Joanna Dudley
MD 3141   Quivering String Back to Back Zithers
MD 3142   Songs and Praises Cantus Choro
MD 3144   Haec Dies: Mass for Easter 1220 at Notre Dame Les Six
MD 3146   chronicle Gould / Geminiani Orchestra
MD 3147   Ronald Farren Price plays Chopin Ronald Farren-Price
MD 3148   Centenary Plus Robert Ampt
MD 3149   Just Married - wedding music Thomas Heywood
MD 3151   What if a day or a month or a year G English, J Rubin, S Wicks
MD 3153   Travellers' Tapestry Cantigas
MD 3156   Historic Organs of the Barossa Valley, vol. 1 John Stiller & Christopher Dearnley
MD 3157   With Tenderness, With Fire Ronald Farren-Price
MD 3158   Teamwork The Team of Pianists
MD 3159   Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra
MD 3160   Bach: Goldberg Variations (2CD for price of 1) Elizabeth Anderson
MD 3161   Dieupart: Music for the Countess of Sandwich Ruth Wilkinson and Linda Kent
MD 3162   Bach: Orgelbuchlein, BWV599-644 Calvin Bowman
MD 3163   Flutes of Two Worlds Anne Norman and Greg Dikmans
MD 3165   Phoenix Songs Genevieve Lacey
MD 3166   Historic Organs of the Barossa Valley, vol. 2 John Stiller & Christopher Dearnley
MD 3167   The Virtuoso Harpsichord Jacqueline Ogeil
MD 3169   A Golden Christmas Elizabeth Koch and Suzanne Handel
MD 3170   Organ at the Opera Robert Ampt & Amy Johnasen
MD 3171   Nullarbor Robert Lloyd
MD 3172   Hornucopia Richard Runnels
MD 3174   Windsong Eric Klay
MD 3176   20th Century Piano Trios Trio Melbourne
MD 3177   Courts in Colour Cantigas
MD 3179   Bizarre or BaRock Elizabeth Anderson
MD 3181   Music from Heaven The Choir of Ormond College
MD 3183   Redror - Music by Michael Whiticker Libra
MD 3184   The Bedroom of the King Elysium Ensemble
MD 3185   Bon Voyage Igor and Olga Piano Duo
MD 3188   Nardoo Zana Clarke & Peter Biffin
MD 3189   Mandolin Christmas Kurt Jensen, Scandinavian Choir, etc.
MD 3190   The Marvellous World of George Dreyfus, vol. 2 various artists
MD 3191   Buxtehude at the Harpsichord Jacqueline Ogeil
MD 3195   Merry Christmas Elizabeth Anderson, The Choir of Ormond College
MD 3196   Telemann: Sonate Metodiche Hans-Dieter Michatz and Linda Kent
MD 3201   Kodaly: Missa Solemnis etc Ormond College Choir
MD 3204 2CD Brenton Broadstock: Bright tracks Various artists
MD 3206   Via Frescobaldi La Romanesca
MD 3208   La Prima Stravaganza Capella Corelli
MD 3211   La Follia Susanne Ehrhardt and Jacqueline Ogeil
MD 3216   Two Genevieve Lacey + Poul Høxbro
MD 3217   Tyrannick Love The Orpheus Ensemble
MD 3221   River Story Tony Gould and Peter Petrucci
MD 3222   Tuneful Percussion -music of Percy Grainger Woof! Percussion Ensemble
MD 3223   Poème - romantic violin and piano Miwako Abe and David McSkimming
MD 3224   Yes, it Rings a Bell Adrian Tien
MD 3225   Music of the Spanish Renaissance La Compañia
MD 3227   Maddox: Australian Songs Samantha Smith, RP & G Maddox
MD 3228   The Star of the Sea Organ Sergio de Pieri
MD 3230   Theme and Deviations Sonny Chua
MD 3231   A Shropshire Lad Blake Fischer and Claire Cooper
MD 3232   A Souldier's Resolution Miriam Morris and Christopher Field
MD 3233   PianoWorks Linda Kouvaras
MD 3234   Recorded Messages: Violin various artists
MD 3235   The Impressionists Stephen McIntyre
MD 3236   Tuba Magnifique Ian King
MD 3238   George Dreyfus Film Music, vol 2 James Galway, etc
MD 3239   Giants in the Land Ian Holtham
MD 3240   Ambient Voice Dean Frenkel
MD 3241   Intuition Rosario de Marco
MD 3242   The Convict Harpsichordist Elizabeth Anderson
MD 3243   Rafaga Owen Thomson
MD 3244   The Rieger at Scots' Douglas Lawrence
MD 3247   Beethoven: Moonlight Ronald Farren-Price
MD 3249   Wordless Meanings Raga Dolls
MD 3251   Lord of the Rings, vol. 1 (2CD at price of 1) John Sangster & various artists
MD 3252   Lord of the Rings, vol. 2 (2CD at price of 1) John Sangster & various artists
MD 3253   Lord of the Rings, vol. 3(2CD at price of 1) John Sangster & various artists
MD 3254   Landscapes of Middle Earth John Sangster & various artists
MD 3260   Venice to Versailles Elysium Ensemble
MD 3262   Riley: In C Re-sound
MD 3265   Little Wing Debra Blaquiere
MD 3266   Tomorrow, just you wait and see Emma Gilmartin
MD 3269   The 12 Days of Christmas The Choir of Ormond College
MD 3270   Carillon & Organ Jill Forrest & Amy Johansen
MD 3272   After The Deluge - Soundtrack Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra, etc
MD 3279   Japanese Story - Movie Soundtrack Shelley Scown, Ricky Edwards, etc
MD 3281   Bridges Peter Handsworth, Tamara Smolyar, Fintan Murphy, etc.
MD 3326   More Bizarre or Barock Elizabeth Anderson
MD 3328   Russian Rarities Larry Sitsky
MD 3330   Below - Music for Low Flutes Peter Sheridan
MD 3331   Veiled Virtuosity Amir Farid
MD 3333   North of the Yarra - Organs of Melbourne Gordon Atkinson
MD 3335   Bossa Eyes Emma Sidney
MD 3338   Mendelssohn Cello Zoe Knighton and Amir Farid
MD 3339   48 Fugues for Frank Michael Kieran Harvey
MD 3340   Magnificat - music for organ Douglas Lawrence
MD 3342   Bridges volume 2 Chamber Melange
MD 3343   Home Emma Gilmartin & Tony Gould
MD 3347   Argentine Cello Zoe Knighton and Amir Farid
MD 3348   Brood Groove Christopher Young Quartet
MD 3349   Monologues and Dialogues Peter Sheridan