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24101   Organ in the Hills   Henry Wallace, F.R.C.O.
24102   Classic & Romantic   Terry Johns/Brian Kellock/Julia Lynch
24103   Soft Core Horn   Terry Johns/Barry Booth
24104   Sullivan - Cox and Box   Kennedy/Berger/Francke
24105   A Society Clown - Songs of George Grossmith   Leon Berger/Selwyn Tillett
24106   Bliss: Piano Concerto   Trevor Barnard/Philharmonia/Sargent
24107   The Jane Austen Collection   Concert Royal
24108   Avison - opus 9 concerti   The Georgian Concert
24109   The Grossmith Legacy   Leon Berger & Selwyn Tillett; George Grossmith
24110   The Monckton Album   Theatre Bel-Etage
24111   Mathias & Pickard Piano Sonatas   Raymond Clarke
24112   Schubert: Impromptus   Peter Katin
24113   Clementi Piano Sonatas   Peter Katin
24114   Strauss/Rachmaninov Songs   Teresa Cahill & Roger Vignoles
24115   Sarabande - Bach guitar music   Jonathan Richards
24116   Chopin - First and Last   Peter Katin
24117   Haydn & Stamitz - Flute Trios and Duos   Holliday, Harrison & Gray
24118   Britten: Resonances   Anthony Goldstone
24119   "Forever" - Romantic Guitar   Jonathan Richards
24120   The Art of Peter Clinch   Peter Clinch, Nehama Patkin, T. Barnard etc.
24121   Empyreum : Heroines in Heaven (Cook)   Hudson, Phillipson etc
24123   From Wonderland to Heaven   K Copeland, E Scorah, R Frowde, etc.
24124   Splendour and Magnificence   Guy Touvron, etc
24125   A Piano Odyssey   Trevor Barnard
24126   Camilleri Orchestral Music   Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Schembri
24127   Piano Recital: Ravel, Schumann & Berg   Catalina Butcaru
24128   Northumberland and Beyond   Ian Partridge and Jennifer Partridge
24129   Alicja Fiderkiewicz plays Chopin   Alicja Fiderkewiecz
24130   Chamber Music for Harp by David Snell   Skaila Kanga, etc
24131   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 1   Murray McLachlan
24132   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 2   Murray McLachlan
24133   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 3   Murray McLachlan
24134   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 4   Murray McLachlan
24135   Vaughan Williams London Symphony/Mathias Celtic Dances   National Youth Orchestra of Wales/O.A. Hughes
24136   Piano Recital: Haydn, Schubert, Chopin   Anja German
24137   Cantilena   Odinn Baldvinsson & Patricia Romero
24138   Awake O Harp   Rachel Dent
24139   Blow the Wind Southerly   Margarette Ashton, etc
24140   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 5   Murray McLachlan
24141   John Ellis: Music for Organ volume 1   Ronald Frost
24142   Nuages   Panayiotis Demopoulos
24143   John R. Williamson Music for Piano, vol. 1   Murray McLachlan
24144   John R. Williamson Music for Piano, vol. 2   Murray McLachlan
24145   John R. Williamson Music for Piano, vol. 3   Murray McLachlan
24146   A Touch of Class   Rachel & Vanessa Fuidge
24147   Mozart and Beethoven Piano Sonatas   Jill Crossland
24148   Aspirations - Piano Music by Marcus Blunt   Murray McLachlan
24149   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 6   Murray McLachlan
24150   Smile   Carol Jarvis and orchestra
24151   'Composés par Mr. Hayden' - Haydn String Quartets   Fitzwilliam String Quartet
24152   Strings in the Earth and Air   Paul Martyn-West & Nigel Foster
24153   Lads of Love and Sorrow   Mark Rowlinson and David Jones
24154   The Planets and other British piano duos   Goldstone and Clemmow
24155   Erik Chisholm Music for Piano, volume 7   Murray McLachlan
24156   Flute Vocalise   Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes
24157   Brahms Piano Works   Peter Katin
24158   Schumann Piano Recital   Alicja Fiderkiewicz
24159   Frank, Chopin & Hindemith Recital   Alicja Fiderkiewicz
24160   Chopin & Szymanowski Piano Recital   Alicja Fiderkiewicz
24161   Liminal - Symphony No. 4 etc by Carson Cooman   Slovak National Symphony Orchestra/Kirk Trevor
62401   Little Pieces   Otto
62402   The Finck Album   Theatre Bel Etage
MW4   Williamson Piano Music 1-3 together   Murray McLachlan
MW6   Chisholm Piano Music 1-7 together   Murray McLachlan