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Divine Art and Dunelm entered into an agreement whereby many Dunelm titles will be transferred to Divine Art group labels over a period of time. When this occurs, a link will be provided in this list to the new catalogue number. Meanwhile, existing Dunelm discs are all available to special order here. If the title you require is not on this list please telephone us - 01609 882062.

For full track details, please visit the online store - see the Dunelm list by clicking the category button, then the Dunelm button, or enter "DRD" in the Search box. The Dunelm catalogue includes many fine and critically-acclaimed recordings and also many (particularly the lower catalogue numbers) made by amateur musicians which are of more local interest.

Please note: Dunelm titles marked with a star are now available in download format. Go to the digital store or find them on iTunes, Amazon etc.

All single CDs are £10.00 plus shipping - double CDs £17.00 plus shipping

DRD0011   Robert Simpson's Symphonic Appetite various artists
DRD0012   Symphonic Concert Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0014   Simpson Symphony 1 Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0019   Piano Trios by Haydn and Simpson Lowbury Piano Trio
DRD0023   Sibelius. Holboe & Nielsen Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0027   Song Recital: Malvern Festival '94 R. Wilcox & A. Mills
DRD0032   Bruckner: Symphony no.7 Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0037   Music by Walton, Simpson and Shostakovich Kensington Symphony Orchestra
DRD0039   Beethoven, Ives, Hanstock and Mahler Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0040   Matthew Taylor: Piano Trio no. 1 Lowbury Piano Trio
DRD0041   Music by Dvorak, Sibelius and Taylor Lowbury Piano Trio
DRD0044   Beethoven and Nielsen Helios Orchestra
DRD0053   Whom do you seek, shepherds? Royal Holloway Chapel Choir
DRD0057   Brahms: Double Concerto, etc. Helios Orchestra
DRD0058   Music of Ian Milnes, vol. 1 Various artists
DRD0059   Music of Ian Milnes, vol. 2 Various artists
DRD0060   From Days of Old David Rothery
DRD0061   Schubert: Piano Sonatas 15 & 17 David Rothery
DRD0068   Mahler: Symphony no. 7 Kensington Symphony Orchestra
DRD0069   Commuter Concert N C Griffiths and M Relph
DRD0070   Commuter Concert Clare Lesser
DRD0075AB 2CD Handel: Messiah Glossop Methodist Circuit Choir
DRD0075C   Handel: Messiah (Highlights) Glossop Methodist Circuit Choir
DRD0076   Vivaldi & Haydn violin works M. Magub (violin)
DRD0078   Borodin, Kodaly & Prokofiev W. Sussex Philharmonic Choir
DRD0079   Prokofiev, Kodaly & Mussorgsky W. Sussex Philharmonic Choir
DRD0081   Brahms Piano Trios, vol. 1 Mainardi Trio
DRD0082   Brahms Piano Trios, vol. 2 Mainardi Trio
DRD0083   Brahms Piano Trios, vol. 3 Mainardi Trio
DRD0086   Michael Tippett & Matthew Taylor R Chadwick (piano). Kensington Symphony Orchestra
DRD0087   Elgar Symphony no. 2 Kensington Symphony Orchestra
DRD0091   A Ceremony of Carols Royal Holloway Chapel Choir
DRD0093   Borodin, Kodaly & Arnold Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra
DRD0095   Schubertiad David Rothery
DRD0097   A Night at the Opera L. Murray, Glossop & District Choral Society
DRD0098   Crucifixus pro Nobis Royal Holloway Chapel Choir
DRD0101   Music for a While L. Murray, F. Waters
DRD0103   Sibelius and Simpson Kensington Symphony Orchestra
DRD0104   Brahms and Simpson Kensington Symphony Orchestra
DRD0105   Music for Brass, vol. 4 Kensington Symphonic Brass
DRD0106   Chanticlare Clare Lesser & David Lesser
DRD0107   Praeludium M. Galloway
DRD0108   Baroque Sounds Baroque Recorder Ensemble
DRD0110   Robert Simpson String Quartets - an intro. Malcolm MacDonald
DRD0112   Samson - Highlights Glossop Methodist Circuit Choir
DRD0114   The Mountain L. Murray, D. Rothery, Glossop & District Choral Society
DRD0115   Organ Recital T Scott
DRD0118   Nielsen Symphony 4 etc Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0120   Stainer: The Crucifixion Soloisys, Glossop Methodist Circuit Choir
DRD0121   Within Thy Palaces Royal Holloway Chapel Choir
DRD0128   Bridge on the Wharfe Wetherby & Distrct Silver Band
DRD0129   Touches of Harmony Cambridge University Brass Ensemble
DRD0131   At the End of the Day Poynton Male Voice Choir>
DRD0132   R. Strauss Duet-Concertino Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0134   J R Willamson - Music for Piano, vol. 1 Murray McLachlan
DRD0136   Beethoven and Dvorak Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0137   Sentimental Journey Three of a Kind
DRD0139   I will Give my Spirit Glossop Methodist Circuit Choir
DRD0140   Look and Live North Shropshire MYC
DRD0141   Of Knights and Castles Sinfonia of Cambridge Brass Ensemble
DRD0143   Mahler Symphony 4 & Dvorak Cello Concerto Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0144   Touches of Harmony Royal Holloway Chamber Orch.
DRD0145   Love's Conflicts Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0146   Piano Recital Sergei Dukachev
DRD0147   Sullivan, Berg & Tchaikovsky Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0148   The Passing of Time Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0151   Strauss, Mozart & Schubert Royal Holloway Chamber Orch.
DRD0152   J. Ellis - Music for Organ Ronald Frost
DRD0155   Music by Mendelssohn etc The Insurance Orchestra
DRD0156   Music by Beethoven etc James Kirby (piano)
DRD0157   Music by Bartok etc Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra
DRD0158   Piano Music by Beethoven etc Sergei Dukachev
DRD0159   Shostakovich, Gershwin & Mussorgsky Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0161   Recital of contemporary vocal music Clare and David Lesser
DRD0163 2CD Mahler Symphony 6 E Read Orchestra
DRD0165   Piano Music by Beethoven etc. Sergei Dukachev
DRD0166   The Inaugural Recital Ronald Frost (organ)
DRD0167   Music for Organ vol. 1 Ronald Frost
DRD0170   Music for Organ vol. 2 Ronald Frost
DRD0171   What Sweeter music.. Royal Holloway Chapel Choir
DRD0172   String Quartets by Haydn Fitzwilliam String Quartet
DRD0173   Shostakovich: Symphony 6 etc Christopher Cox etc.
DRD0174   Music by Erik Chisholm Kelvin Ensemble
DRD0175   Farewell Recital 2001 Sergei Dukachev
DRD0176   J R Willamson - Music for Piano, vol. 2 Murray McLachlan
DRD0180   Beethoven Piano Music Sergei Dukachev
DRD0181   Bliss,Martinu & Elgar Royal Holloway Symphony Orch.
DRD0183   Beethoven Piano Sonata no. 17 etc Sergei Dukachev
DRD0184   Shostakovich Symphony 7 London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0185   Music for Organ, vol. 3 Ronald Frost
DRD0186   Songs of Dorset S. Foulkes, C.Hunt
DRD0188   Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols St Ann's Choir
DRD0189   La musique enchanteé Royal Holloway Chamber Orch.
DRD0190   Music for Organ, vol. 4 Ronald Frost
DRD0193 2 CD Shostakovich Symphony 11 etc. London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0194   Serenity M. Hitch & J. Ellis
DRD0195   Dukachev plays Piano Concertos Sergei Dukachev
DRD0196   Music for Cello and Piano D Porteous & M Taylor
DRD0200   Lights Out Various artists
DRD0201   Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas, vol. 1 Murray McLachlan
DRD0202   Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas, vol. 2 Murray McLachlan
DRD0203   Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas, vol. 3 Murray McLachlan
DRD0212   Celebrity Recital Bernard Roberts
DRD0213   Nuages Panos Demopoulos
DRD0214   Anairesis Anairesis Ensemble
DRD0215   Celebration St. Ann's Choir
DRD0216B   Shostakovich Symphony 4 etc. London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0219   Chisholm Piano Music: Sonata etc Murray McLachlan
DRD0220 The Wagon of Life M Rowlinson & P Lawson
DRD0221   Awake O Harp Rachel Dent & Ronald Frost
DRD0222   Chisholm Piano Music, vol. 1 Murray McLachlan
DRD0223   Chisholm Piano Music, vol. 2 Murray McLachlan
DRD0224   Chisholm Piano Music, vol. 3 Murray McLachlan
DRD0225   Chisholm Piano Music, vol. 4 Murray McLachlan
DRD0226   CUBE 20th Anniversary Recital Cambrige University Brass Ensemble
DRD0227 2CD Shostakovich: Symphony 5 & Cello Concerto London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0228   Sergei Dukachev's Selection Sergei Dukachev
DRD0229   Music for Cello and Piano, vol. 2 D. Porteous & K. Page
DRD0230   Celebrity Recital read reviews Alicja Fiderkiewicz
DRD0231 Introducing Eva Kàra Eva Kàra
DRD0232   McLachlan plays Busoni Murray McLachlan
DRD0233   Shostakovich: Cello Concertos 1 & 2 J. Ayling, London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0234   Shostakovich: Symphony 12 and Cello Concerto no. 2 J. Ayling, London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0235   Music and readings for Advent St. Ann's Choir
DRD0237   The Tend'rest Breast G. Colwell & N. Foster
DRD0238 SCA Inaugural Recital P. Jacobs
DRD0239   The Great War J H Williams & N Foster
DRD0241   A Touch of Class R & V Fuidge
DRD0243   A Recital by Two Pianists S Kings & C Northam
DRD0244   Organ Music by Manchester Composers Ronald Frost
DRD0245   Szymanowski and Chopin Piano Music Alicja Fiderkiewicz
DRD0246   Beethoven and Schubert Piano Music Bernard Roberts
DRD0247   Piano Music by Chopin, Keeley and Schumann Martin Roscoe
DRD0248   Piano Music by Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky & Prokofiev Sergei Dukachev
DRD0249   Strings in the Earth and Air P. Martyn-West & N. Foster
DRD0250 Music for Organ vol. 6 (North West Organs) Ronald Frost
DRD0251   Brahms, Mussorgsky & Demopoulos Panos Demopoulos
DRD0252   Softly as I Leave You Poynton Male Voice Choir
DRD0253   Music for Brass and Percussion vol. 1 Kensington Symphonic Brass
DRD0254   Music for Brass & Percussion vol. 2 Kensington Symphonic Brass
DRD0255   Music for Brass & Percussion vol. 3 Kensington Symphonic Brass
DRD0256   Music for Brass & Percussion vol. 4 Kensington Symphonic Brass
DRD0257   24 Housman Songs Nigel Shaw & John R Williamson
DRD0258   Innovations Kathryn Page, Murray McLachlan, H, Corbett, S, Burke
Introducing Jae-Hyuck Cho Jae-Hyuck Cho
DRD0260   Music for Organ vol. 7 (Music of Percy Fletcher) Ronald Frost
DRD0261   Shostakovich Symphony no. 8 London Shostakovich Orchestra
DRD0262   Shropshire Lads - settings of A E Housman S. Foulkes & D. Bednall
DRD0263   Inaugural Recital - New Makin Ogan at Glossop CMC Ronald Frost
DRD0264   Shostakovich and his Comrades Murray McLachlan
DRD0265   Lads of Love and Sorrow Mark Rowlinson and David Jones
DRD0267   Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov Sergei Dukachev
DRD0268 Lyric music by Ronald Stevenson Sheena Nicol
DRD0269   Aspirations: Piano Music by Marcus Blunt Murray McLachlan     read review
DRD0271 2CD Music for Woodwind M Hughes, S Ableman, R Richardson & D Jones
DRD0272   Celebrity Recital Alicja Fiderkiewicz
DRD0273   Celebrity Recital Vanessa Latarche