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ces Brèves pour Flüte et Piano
DALBY, Martin: Mater Salutaris  
  My Heart Aflame  
DAMASE, Jean-Michel: Aspects for Horn and Harp  
DANCEANU, Liviu: Seven Days Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra  
DANYEL, John: I die whenas I do not see her  
DARE, Marie: Elegie for Four Cellos  
  Five Pieces for Cello Quartet  
DARGAVILLE, Tim: Night Song  (inc in recital of Australian music)  
  Night Song (in A Piano Odyssey CD)  
DARKE, Harold: Rhapsody, op. 4  
  Life Rattle  
  Mysterious Breath  
  Riff Tide  
  To Move as a Shadow  
  Totem Dance  
DEBUSSY, Claude: Beau Soir  
  Childrens Corner: The Snow is Dancing  
  Estampes - Jardins sous la pluie  
  The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (La fille aux cheveux de lin) flute/piano  
  Images, 1st series - Reflets dans l'eau  
  l'Isle Joyeuse  
  Petite Suite: En bateau (arr. flute/ piano)  
  Petite Suite - Menuet (arr. flute/piano)  
  Preludes, Book II - nos 3,5-8,10,12  
  Printemps (piano transcription)  
  Sonata for Cello and Piano  
  Sonate en Trio  
  Suite Bergamasque  
  Suite Bergamasque: Clair de Lune (arr. flute/piano)  
  Syrinx (Kenneth Smith)  
DELALANDE, Michel: Suite for Trumpet, Timpani and Organ  
DELIUS, Frederick: Koanga - La Calinda (arr. flute/piano)  
DEMOPOULOS, Panayiotis: Tetraktys  
DENCH, Chris: Caught Breath of Time  
DIBLEY, Paul: Organ Grinder  
DIEREN, Bernard van: Der Asra  
DILLON, James: Crossing Over  
DINICU, Grigoras: Hora Staccato  
DODGSON, Stephen: Duo for Flute and Harp  
DOHNÁNYI, Ernst von: Adaptation of the Waltz from Delibes' "Naïla"  
  Rhapsody in F sharp minor, Op. 11 no. 2  
DON, Nigel: Cello Quartet, op.7  
DONATONI, Franco: Clair - two pieces for clarinet  
  NIDI - Two pices for Piccolo  
DOPPLER, Albert Franz: Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, op. 26  
DOYEN, Albert: Poèmes Grecs - Cinq Pièces Brèves pour Flüte et Piano  
DUBERY, David: Cuarteto Ibérico  
  Night Songs  
  Night Songs: Evening in April  
  Four Songs for mezzo soprano and piano  
  Full fathom five  
  Mrs Harris in Paris  
  Remember (voice and piano)  
  Sonata for Cello and Piano  
  Sonata for Recorder and Piano  
  Sonatina for Oboe and Piano  
  3 Songs to poems by Douglas Gibson  
  3 Songs to Poems by Robert Graves  
  2 Stopfordian Impressions  
  Suite from 'Degrees of Evidence'  
  Time Will Not Wait (Three Songs)  
  Walking Cimbrone  
DUBOIS, Theodore: Terzettino  
  Toccata in G  
DUFOURT, Hugues: Erlkönig  
DUNHILL, Thomas: Suite for Flute and Piano  
  Valse Fantasia  
DUNK, Roderick: Carol's Tune  
DUONO, Beinsa: Gospodi, kolko Te obicham  
  Izgryava sluntesuto  
  Kiamen Zenu  
DUPARC, Henri: L'invitation au voyage (arr. clarinet)  
DURAND, Jacques: Romance, op. 7  
DURUFLÉ, Maurice: Ubi Caritas (4 motets, op.10: no. 1)  
DUSSEK, Jan Ladislav: Duos Concertants, op.69 (nos. 1 and 3)  
  Sonata in F sharp minor, op.61  
DUTILLEUX, Henri: Sonatine for Flute and Piano (Kenneth Smith & Paul Rhodes)  
  Sonatine for Flute and Piano (Odinn Baldvinsson & Patricia Romero)  
DVORAK, Antonin: Carnival Overture, op. 92  
  Piano Concerto in G minor  
  Symphony no. 9 ("From the New World")  
DWYER, Benjamin: Homenaje a Maurice Ohana