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JACKSON, Francis: Toccata, Chorale and Fugue, op. 16  
JACKSON, Gabriel: A la Mémoire de Claude Debussy  
  I look from afar  
  Liadan Laments  
  O sacrum convivium  
  Tomorrow ye go forth  
JACKSON, William: Time hath not Thinn'd  
JEFFREYS, John: Bickleigh Idyll  
  Elegy for a Conductor  
  Elegy for John Fry  
  A Lyke Wake Dirge  
  Poem for End  
  Serenade for Strings  
  Sweeeny the Mad  
  Toby's Dreams and Elegy  
  24 English Songs (sung by Ian Partridge)  
  26 English Songs (sung by James Gilchrist)  
JENNINGS, David: Harvest Moon Suite, Op. 19  
  3 Lyrical Pieces, Op. 17  
  Miniature Suite, Op. 18  
  Prelude and Fugue, Op. 6  
  Piano Sonata, Op. 1  
  3 Sonatinas for Piano, Op. 2  
JODLOWSKI, Pierre: Time & Money  
JOHNS, Terry: Holland Park  
JOHNSON, David: God, Man and the Animals (song cycle)  
JOHNSON, Evan: L'art de toucher le clavecin, 2  
JOHNSON, Liz: Cello Suite  
  Clarinet Quintet "Sea-change"  
  Fantasia Forty-something  
  Four Jo Shapcott Settings  
  Sleep Close  
  String Quartet No. 1 "Images of Trees"  
  String Quartet No. 2 "For Elliott"  
  String Quartet No. 3 "Intricate Web"  
  String Quartet No. 4 "Sky-burial"  
  Tide purl  
  Towards the Sea  
JOHNSON, Tom: Bedtime Stories - No. 12  
JOHNSTON, Fergus: Piano Trio  
JONES, Thad: A Child is Born  
JOPLIN, Scott: Elite Syncopations  
JOSEPHS, Wilfred: Clarinet Quintet, op. 135  
  Clarinet Sonata no. 1, op. 148  
  Clarinet Sonata no. 2, op. 149  
  Sonatine, Op. 4, for recorder and piano