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Click Title to see CD details.   If composer name is on white background, click for profile.
For well-known 'major' composers, only a brief and basic note is given as detailed information is widely available.
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ABREU, Zequinha: Tico-Tico  
ACHRON, Joseph: Hebrew Melody (arr. Auer, Goldstone)  
AESCHBACHER, Walther: Suite for 4 cellos, op. 44  
AGOSTINI, Lodovico: Veni sponsa Christi  
ALBENIZ, Isaac: España, op. 165: no. 2 Tango (arr. Sadleir for solo guitar)  
  España, op. 165: no. 2 Tango (original piano version)  
ALFVÉN, Hugo: Swedish Rhapsody No. 1 (Midsummer Vigil)  
ALLEMANOV, Dmitri: Sticherion for the Feast of the Assumption  
ALLEN, Geof: Three Piano Pieces, op.23  
  Piano Sonata no. 4, op.29  
ALBINONI, Tommaso: Under ye Gloomy Shade  
ALCOCK, Walter: Introduction and Passacaglia  
ALWYN, William: Flute Sonata  
  Naiades (flute and harp)  
ANDERSON, Leroy: Fiddle-Faddle  
ANON/TRADITIONAL: Agincourt Song  
  Agnes, Beatae Virginis  
  Allah Hu  
  Alma Redemptoris Mater (plainsong)  
  Amo Christum in Cuius Thalamum Introivi  
  L'amour de moi  
  An Office for St Patrick (collection of 15th century Irish plainchant)  
  Ave Regina Caelorum (plainsong)  
  Ave Verum Corpus (plainsong)  
  Bada bada  
  Barbara Allen  
  Beata Agnes in Medio Flammarum  
  Bibi Gol Afruz  
  Billy Boy  
  Blow the Wind Southerly  
  Blow ye Winds, Heigh Ho  
  Bobby Shaftoe  
  Bonny at Morn  
  Buy Broom Buzzems  
  Cantabant Sancti Canticum Novum  
  The Cliffs of Old Tynemouth  
  The Cuckolds Masque  
  The Cullercoats Fish Lass  
  Dance ti thy Daddy  
  Descendi in Hortuum Meum  
  Derwentwater's Farewell  
  The Fairey Masque  
  The Gallowgate Lad  
  Godhead here in Hiding   
  Golden Slumbers (May Fair) (arr. flute/piano)  
  Gol-e bikhar  
  Gol-e zard  
  The Grace Darling Song  
  Gregorian chants  
  Here's a Health to His Majesty  
  Hullaballoo Ballay  
  The Irishman  
  Jam-e narenji  
  The Keel Row  
  The Ladyes Second Masque  
  Ma Bonny Lad  
  Music in the Street (arr. flute/piano)  
  Naghma-ye kashâl Bairami  
  Naghmeh bajekhaneh  
  Nasar Jan  
  The Nightingale  
  O purest of Creatures (from Paderborn Gesangbuch)  
  The Oak and the Ash  
  Regina Caeli (plainsong)  
  Regnum mundi et omnem ornatum  
  Salve Regina (plainsong)  
  Sefid kheimeh  
  Sequenza in Onore Sant'Agnese  
  Shah Koko Jan  
  Shirin dokhtar-e maldar  
  Siah Cheshm-e Khumari  
  Siahmu wa Jalali  
  Skye Boat Song (arr. flute/piano)  
  Stans Beata Agnes in Medio Flammarum  
  Sweet Hesleyside  
  The Temple Antick - Masque  
  The Three Ravens  
  There is no rose  
  Traditional Scots songs  
  Wa wa Leili  
  Water of Tyne  
ARCHANGELSKY, Alexandre: O Mother of God and Virgin  
ARCHBOLD, Paul: Disenchanted Voices  
  Études en mouvement   
  Of Crossed Destinies  
  Pas de Deux  
ARENSKY, Anton: Arabesques (Suite), Op. 67  
  Essais sur des rythmes oubliés, Op. 28  
  12 Études, Op. 74  
  3 Morceaux, Op. 42  
  12 Préludes, Op. 63  
ARNE, Thomas: Cymon & Iphigenia (with harpsichord continuo)  
  Cymon & Iphigenia (with square-piano continuo)  
ARNOLD, Malcolm: The Return of Odysseus  
  Sonatina for flute and piano, Op. 19 - Allegretto  
ARUTIUNIAN, Alexander: Impromptu for Cello and Piano  
AVISON, Charles: 6 Trio Sonatas, op. 1  
  6 Harpsichord Sonatas, op. 5  
  6 Harpsichord Sonatas, op. 7  
  6 Keyboard Sonatas, op. 8  
  12 Concerti Grossi, op. 9 (Avison Ensemble)  
  6 Concerti from op. 9 (Georgian Concert)  
  6 Concerti Grossi, op. 10  
  12 Concerti Grossi after Geminiani's opus 1 sonatas  
  12 Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti  
BABAJANIAN, Arno: Vocalise (arr. cello & piano)  
BACH, Johann Christoph: Prelude and Fugue in E flat major, BWV Anh, 177  
BACH, Johann Sebastian: Anna Magdalena Notebook - March and three minuets (arr. guitar)  
  The Art of Fugue : see "Die Kunst der Fuge"  
  Cello Suites nos 1-5, BWV1007-1011  
  Cello Suite no. 1, BWV1007 - Prelude and Sarabande (arr. guitar)  
  Cello Suite no. 2, BWV1008 - Minuet (arr. guitar)  
  Cello Suite no. 3, BWV1009 - Sarabande(arr. guitar)  
  Cello Suite no.4, BWV1010 - Bouree(arr. guitar)


  Cello Suite no.6, BWV1012 - Gavotte (arr. guitar)  
  Chorale Prelude: Nun komm der Heiden Heiland, BWV599  
  Chorale Prelude: Nun komm der Heiden Heiland, BWV62 (arr. Busoni for piano)  
  Chorale Prelude; Ich ruf zu dir, BWV639  
  Chorale Prelude: Ich ruf zu dir, BWV177 (arr. Busoni for piano)  
  Chorale Prelude; O Mensch, bewein  BWV622(David Hamilton)  
  Chorale Prelude; O Mensch, bewein  BWV622 (Henry Wallace)  
  Chorale Prelude: Wachet auf, BWV645  
  Chorale Prelude; Wachet auf  BWV645 (Henry Wallace)  
  Chorale Prelude: Wachet auf, BWV140 (arr. Busoni for piano)  
  Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue in D minor, BWV 903  
  Dies sind die heil'gen zehn Gebot', BWV 678   
  English Suite no. 2 in A minor, BWV 807  
  English Suite no. 3 in G minor, BWV808  
  Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott, BWV 721 (David Hamilton)  
  Fantasia & Fugue in A minor, BWV 904  
  Fantasia, Adagio & Fugue in C minor , BWV 906/968 (Burkard Schliessmann, modern piano)  
  Fantasia in G major, BWV 906 (Jill Crossland, fortepiano)  
  Fantasia in G minor, BWV 917  
  Flute Sonata no. 6 in E flat major, BWV 1035  
  Italian Concerto, BWV 971  
  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (choir)  
  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, (arr. Hess for piano))  
  Klavierkonzert (Keyboard Concerto) in A major, BWV1055  
  Klavierkonzert (Keyboard Concerto) in D minor, BWV1052  
  Klavierkonzert (Keyboard Concerto) in E major, BWV1053  
  Klavierkonzert (Keyboard Concerto) in G minor, BWV1058  
  Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV1080 (Diana Boyle, piano)  
  Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV1080 (arr. Roy Harris for string quartet)  
  Lute Suite no. 1. BWV996  
  Lute Suite no. 2, BWV997 - Sarabande  
  Lute Suite no. 3, BWV995 - Sarabande  
  Partitas for keyboard nos. 1-6, BWV825-830 (Judith Lambden - modern piano)  
  Partita for keyboard no. 1 in B flat, BWV825 (Jill Crossland - modern piano)  
  Partita for keyboard no. 1 in B flat, BWV825 - Prelude, Minuet & Gigue (Joanna Leach - fortepiano)  
  Partita for keyboard no. 1 (trans. B minor), BWV825 - Sarabande & Double (J Richards - guitar)  
  Partita for keyboard no. 2 in C minor, BWV 826  
  Partita for solo violin no. 2, BWV1004 - Chaconne (arr. Busoni)  
  Partita for solo violin no. 2, BWV1004 - Chaconne (arr. Steinmetz/Russell)  
  Passacaglia in C minor, BWV 582 (David Hamilton)  
  Piano Concertos - see Klavierkonzerte  
  Pièce d'Orgue, BWV 572  
  Prelude in A major, BWV 896  
  Prelude in C min, BWV546  
  Prelude ("little") in C minor, BWV999 (guitar)  
  Prelude in E major, BWV933 no. 5  
  Prelude in E minor, BWV933 no. 6  
  Preludes & Fugues, Book II, BWV 870-893  
  Prelude & Fugue in C minor, BWV847 (book 1, no.2) (Jill Crossland, fortepiano)  
  Prelude & Fugue in D minor, BWV 850 (book 1, no.5)  
  Prelude & Fugue in D, BWV851 (book I, no.6)  
  Prelude & Fugue in D, BWV875 (book II, no.6)  
  Prelude & Fugue in D, BWV532 (arr. Busoni)  
  Prelude and Fugue in E flat major, BWV 552  
  Prelude & Fugue in B flat minor  
  Prelude Fugue & Allegro, BWV998 - Prelude  
  Toccata in C minor, BWV 911  
  Toccata in D major, BWV 912 (Katharine Durran)  
  Toccata in D major, BWV 912 (Jill Crossland)  
  Toccata in D minor, BWV 913  
  Toccata in E minor, BWV 914 (harpsichord)  
  Toccata in E minor, BWV 914 (piano)  
  Toccata in F sharp minor, BWV 910  
  Toccata in G major, BWV 916  
  Toccata in G minor, BWV 915  
  Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C major, BWV 564  
  Two-Part Invention no. 1 in C major, BWV772  
BACHARACH, Burt: Alfie  
BAILEY, Judith: Aquamarine Waltz, op. 65  
  Clarinet Quintet, op. 47  
  Egloshayle Nightingale Trio, op. 59  
  Light, op. 76  
  Microminiature no. 1, op. 68  

Microminiature no. 2, op. 70

  String Quartet, op. 31  
  Towers of San Gimignano, The, op. 51  
  Visions of Hildegard, op. 72  
BAINTON, Edgar: Miniature Suite  
BAIRSTOW, Edward: I Sat Down under His Shadow  
BÅNG, Malin: Alpha Waves  
BARON: Dream of the Weeping Willow  
BARRÈRE, Georges:  Nocturne for Flute and Piano  
BARRETT, Richard: Inward  
BARRY, Gerald: Triorchic Blues  
BARRY, Yvo: Quando son più lontan  
BARTÓK, Bela: Four pieces from "Ten Easy Pieces"  
  Dance in Bulgarian Rhythm (from Mikrokosmos, vol. 6)  
  In Dorian Mode (from Mikrokosmos, vol. 1  
  Four pieces from "Mikrokosmos, vol. 6"  
  Sonata for solo Violin  
BASSMAN, George: I'm Getting Sentimental over You  
BATES, Django: Bird Tableau  
BAX, Arnold: Elegiac Trio  
  Sonata for Clarinet and Piano  
  Sonata for Flute and Harp  
BEAMISH, Sally: Four Findrinny Songs  
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van: Bagatelle in A flat major, op. 33 no. 7  
  Clarinet Trio in B flat, op.11  
  Fantasie, Op. 77  
  Fidelio - Overture, op.72 (arr. Moscheles)  
  6 Deutsche Tanze, WoO 42  
  Horn Sonata in F, op. 17 (Terry Johns)  
  Piano Sonata ("Pathétique") in C minor, op.13  
  Piano Sonata ("Moonlight") in C sharp minor, op.27 no.2 (Jill Crossland)  
  Piano Sonata ("Moonlight") in C sharp minor, op.27 no.2 (Anthony Goldstone)  
  Piano Sonata ("Moonlight") in C sharp minor, op.27 no.2 (Peter Katin)  
  Piano Sonata ("Tempest") in D minor, Op. 31 no. 2 (Jeremy Eskenazi)  
  Piano Sonata ("Tempest") in D minor, Op. 31 No. 2 (Christopher Langdown)  
  Piano Sonata ("Tempest") in D minor, op.31 no.2 (Jill Crossland)  
  Piano Sonata ("Appassionata") in F minor, op.57  
  Piano Sonata (Les Adieux) in E flat major, Op. 81a  
  Piano Sonata in E major, Op. 109 (Panayiotis Demopoulos)  
  Piano Sonata in A flat major, op. 110  
  Piano Sonata in C minor, Op. 111  
  Piano Trio No. 3 in C minor, op.1 no. 3  
  Piano Trio no. 5 in D, op.70 no.1 ("Ghost Trio")  
  Piano Trio no. 11 in G, op.121A ("Kakadu Variations")  
  Rondeau in G major, WoO 41  
  7 Variations on "God Save the King"  
  12 Variations on Mozart's "Se vuol ballare", WoO 40  
  Violin Sonata in A major, Op. 12 No. 1  
  Violin Sonata in A major, op. 30 no. 1  
  Violin Sonata in A major, op. 47  ("Kreutzer")  
  Violin Sonata in A minor, op. 23  
  Violin Sonata in C minor, op. 30 no. 2  
  Violin Sonata in D major, Op. 12 No. 2  
  Violin Sonata in E flat major, Op. 12 No. 3  
  Violin Sonata in F major, op. 24 ("Spring")  
  Violin Sonata in G major, op. 30 no. 3  
  Violin Sonata in G major, op. 96  
BELL, Clive: Mystery Lights  (with David Ross)  
  Nightlflower  (with David Ross)  
BELL, Derek: Divertissement Variations on a Tune  
  Symphony no.2 “The Violet Flame”  
  Toccata Burlesca  
  Variations & Musical Quotations  
BELLINI. Vincenzo: I Puritani - A te, o cara (arr.piano by Sigismund Thalberg)  
  Norma - Casta Diva (arr.piano by Sigismund Thalberg)  
BENNETT, Richard Rodney: Scena III  
  Summer Music  
  Winter Music  
BERBERIAN, Cathy: Stripsody  
BÉRIOT, Charles-Wilfred de:  Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op. 64  
BERG, Alban: Die Nachtigall  
  Piano Sonata, op. 1  
  Vier Stücke  
BERGMANN, Walter: Pastorale for countertenor and recorder  
  Three Songs for countertenor and guitar  
BERLIN, Irving: White Christmas  
BERKELEY, Lennox: Six Preludes  
BERKELEY, Michael: Eight Motets  
BERNARD, Emile: Romance for Flute and Piano  
BERNSTEIN, Leonard: Clarinet Sonata  
BERTRAM.Michael: Sonatina for Piano  
  Five Pieces for Piano  
  Five Pieces for Piano: no. 3 Kinetic  
di BIASE, Paolo: Duo Tango  
BIBERIAN,Gilbert: Haiku nos. 1 and 6  
BINGHAM, Judith: La Jeune Morte  
BIRTWISTLE, Harrison: Verses  
BIZET, Georges: Carmen (1928 - almost complete)  
BLACKFORD, Dick: Concerto for Recorder and String Quartet  
  Sonata alla Danza  
BLAKE, Howard: Make Believe (arr. flute/piano)  
  Walking in the Air (arr. flute/piano)  
BLISS, Arthur: Piano Concerto  
  Piano Sonata  
BLOW, John: Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell  
BLUNT, Marcus: Iona Caprice  
  Iona Prelude  
  Piano Sonata No. 1  
  Piano Sonata No. 2  
  Piano Sonata No. 3 ("The Life Force")  
  Prelude on a Fugue Theme of J.S. Bach  
  Seven Preludes  
  Three Fantasies  
  Three Nocturnes  
BONIS, Melanie: Sonata for Flute and Piano  
BOOTH, Barry: Principal Uncertainty  
BORNE, François: Ballade et Danse des Lutins  
  Fantaisie Brillante sur Carmen (Odinn Baldvinsson & Patricia Romero)  
  Fantaisie Brillante sur Carmen (Kenneth Smith & Paul Rhodes)  
BORODIN, Alexander: In the Steppes of Central Asia  
BORTNIANSKY, Dmitri: With the voice of the Archangel  
BOSSI, Marco Enrico: Ave Maria  
BOULANGER, Lili: Nocturne  
BOULEZ, Pierre: Douze Notations  
BOURGET, Fr.: Rorate caeli desuper  
  Salve Regina  
BOWEN, Edwin York: Flute Sonata, op. 120  
BRAHMS, Johannes: Cello Sonata in F minor, op. 99  
  Clarinet Sonatas, op.120  
  Clarinet Trio in A minor, op. 114  
  Etude nach Fr, Chopin (arr, Goldstone)  
  7 Fantasias, Op. 16  
  Hungarian Dance no. 2  
  Hungarian Dance no. 11 (arr. Goldstone)  
  3 Intermezzi, Op. 117  
  Kommt dir manchmal in den Sinn (arr. clarinet)  
  Meine Liebe ist grün, op. 63 no.5 (Junge Lieder)  
  2 Rhapsodies, Op. 79 (Peter Katin)  
  Variations on a theme by Schumann, op.23  
  Variations & Fugue on a theme of Handel, Op. 24 (Peter Katin, version 1)  
  Variations & Fugue on a theme of Handel, Op. 24 (Peter Katin, version 2)  
  Versunken, op. 86 no. 5  
  Wenn um den Hollunder, op. 63 no. 6 (Junge Lieder)  
BRIAN, Havergal: Complete Piano Works  
BRICCIALDI, Giulio: The Carnival of Venice  
BRIDGE, Frank: Amaryllis  
  Dramatic Fantasia (Anthony Goldstone)  
  Dramatic Fantasia (Christopher Langdown)  
  Morceau Caracteristique  
  Moto Perpetuo  
  Spring Song  
BRITTEN, Benjamin: A little Idyll  
  Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes  
  Five Walztes  
  Night Piece (Notturno)  
BROCKLESS, Brian: Introduction, Passacaglia and Coda  
BROTONS, Salvador: Clarinet Sonata, op. 46  
BROWN (Nacio Herb): Pagan Love Song  
  Yours and Mine  
BRUNEAU, Alfred: Romance for Flute and Piano  
BURGESS, Anthony: Siciliano  
  Sonata No. 1 in C for recorder and piano  
  Sonatina for recorder and piano  
  Tre Pezzetti  
BURGESS, Henry: Caelia  
BURKE (Joe): I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams  
  It Looks like Rain in Cherry Blossom Lane  
BURRELL, Diana: Longtemps ce fut l'été  
BURY, Frank: Prelude and Fugue in E flat major  
BUSONI, Ferruccio: 24 Preludes for Piano, op.37  
  Chamber Fantasy on Bizet's "Carmen" (on "Tzigane")  
  Chamber Fantasy on Bizet's "Carmen" (on "A Night at the Opera")  
  Ich ruf zu dir - Chorale Prelude after Bach BWV177  
  Nun komm der Heiden Heiland - Chorale Prelude after Bach BWV62  
  Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme - Chorale Prelude after Bach BWV140  
BUTLER, Martin: Capistrano Song  
BUTTERLEY, Nigel: Arioso  
  Comment on a Popular Song   (Trevor Barnard - recital of Australian music)  
  Comment on a Popular Song (as above - on "Piano Odyssey" CD)  
BUTTERWORTH, Arthur: Aubade  
BUXTEHUDE, Dietrich: Ach Herr, mich armen Sunder  
  Ciacona in C minor  
  Fuga in C major (organ)  
  Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ  
  In dulci jubilo  
  Magnificat primi toni  
  Nun komm der Heiden Heiland  
  Nun lob, mein Seel' den Herren  
  Praeludium in C major  
  Praeludium in F sharp major  
  Praeludium in G minor (organ)  
  Vater unser in Himmelreich  
  Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern  
BYRD, William: Pavan: The Earle of Salisbury  
BYRNE, David: Accident