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updated 11 April 2014

Please note we only add proposed releases to this list when all the details are known. It does not include all our future recordings.
All samples are copyright of divine art ltd and its associate companies and the artists, and are to be used for preview only. Copying and other unauthorised use prohibited.


David Dubery

metier msv 28548
David Dubery: "Observations" -
17 Songs and a String Quartet

A second program of songs and chamber music by David Dubery, one of the leading exponents of new lyrical 'post-modern' music in Britain Dubery's String Quartet is played by the Cavaleri Quartet while the songs are performed by leading soloists James Gilchrist and Adrienne Murray with Michael Cox (flute obbligato) and David Dubery (piano).

Due for release in July 2014

divine art
preview mp3: Winter Journey (extract)


divine art dda 25113
The Operatic Pianist

Andrew Wright presents a dazzling recital of piano transcriptions from Verdi, Bellini, Wagner, and Meyerbeer.

Just released in March 2014, a disc to appeal to opera and piano fans alike, with tremendous dramatic and romantic melodies played with virtuosity and panache.


divine art
Heather Tuach    Patil Harboyan


divine art dda 25075
Music from Armenia

For many years the only Armenian composer well known in the West was Khachaturian, but since independence many more voices are being heard from this unique area. Here we have works for cello and piano by several contemporaries including Arutunian, Stepanian, and Babajanian and a number of folk song arrangements from the Talalyan classical archive.. They are to be performed by Heather Tuach (cellist with the renowned Fitzwilliam Quartet) and Montreal Armenian pianist Patil Harboyan, to be released in May 2014 but available from our online store now. This recording has just been made, in the Oscar Peterson Hall in Montreal, and has been kindly supported by Yamaha. The music on this CD is awesomely Romantic, mildly exotic to Western ears and utterly beguiling.



divine art

Murray McLachlan
Darragh Morgan     Mary Dullea

metier msv 28545
Michael Finnissy - music for violin and piano

The Metier Finnissy series now in its 20th year continues to attract the highest praise. Next up we have the complete music for violin and piano, incluidng the Violin Sonata, consummately performed by Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, for release around Summer 2014.

divine art
preview mp3: Mississippi Hornpipes (extract)

Gary Cooper



divine art dda 25115
John Garth - Accompanied Keyboard Sonatas

Our pioneering disc of the recently-discovered Cello Concertos by English 18th century composer John Garth has been our best selling recording to date.

Now we are delighted to present Garth's wonderful Op. 2 and Op. 4 Keyboard Sonatas 'with accompaniment' which are more akin to Trio Sonatas in reality, with the hugely talented Gary Cooper on harpsichord and chamber organ with the Avison Ensemble. Due for full release in May 2014 - available here now.


divine art
mary dullea
Mary Dullea


metier MSV 28544
Eric Craven - Piano Sonatas nos 7-9

Following the release of Craven's SET which introduced his unique non-prescriptive composition method, Mary Dullea realises and performs the Sonatas nos 7,8 and 9. Exceptional works which despite the high level of performer interpretation are tightly constructed and highly gripping.


divine art
preview mp3: Sonata 7 - first movement opening
Assi Karttunen
Assi Karttunen
photo by Heikki Tuuli



divine art dda 25120
Couperin & Lynch: Harpsichord Works

Established masterworks for the harpsichord by François Couperin and new pieces by Graham Lynch create a balanced and reflective programme delivered by the FInnish harpsichord virtuoso Assi Karttunen.
Release at the end of 2014 or early 2015



divine art
audio sample to follow
Jill Crossland
photo courtesy Mark Deller


divine art dda 25114
Remembering Alfred Deller

A new and exquisite disc in tribute to the great countertenor Alfred Deller (pictured), featuring music both ancient and new, featuring today;s top countertenors James Bowman and Robin Blaze, recorder players with two recorders and continuo: music by Handel, Blow, Williams, Tippett, Fricker Ridout and Bergman. Available generally 1st May, but in stock and available here now.


divine art
P Seivewright
Richard Craig



metier msv 28540
Contemporary flute music

Leading specialist in new music for flute, Richard Craig, has a new album on the way following the release of his 'Inward' (msv 28517), this time the works include also string trio and soprano voice, in works by James Dillon, John Croft, Fabrice Fitch, Richard Barrett, Esaias Järnegard and Brice Pauset.

All these works are receiving their first recording. See also the new CD of music for flute and electronics by Jos Zwaanenberg (above)



divine art
sound sample to follow

John Jeffreys
Michael Finnissy



metier msv 28541
Michael Finnissy: Grieg Quintet
The acclaimed Metier Finnissy series continues with a rare and fascinating gem: the unfinished Piano Quintet by Edvard Grieg (of almost 30 minutes duration) as completed by FInnissy and premiered in Bergen, May 2013. Also on the album is Michael Finnissy's 'Grieg Quintettsatz' - a reflection on the Grieg original which is a 'paraphrase', a 'variation', a 'fantasy' and more than all of those.



divine art
Mathias Reumert



metier msvdx 102 (DVD)

An amazing DVD - quite possibly the first commercial DVD to feature contemproary solo percussion music - features the incredibly talented Danish percussionist Mathias Reumert in works by Ferneyhough, Henze, Jodlowski, Xenakis, Donatoni and Globokar...a visual feast and artistically directed film as well as gripping music.

Scheduled for release around November/December.

divine art
audio sample to follow

Ulrich Heinen
Ian Pace

metier msv 28518
Brian Ferneyhough - Piano Music

Following the success and critical praise for our recent CDs of chamber and choral music by Ferneyhough, we here have some of his outstanding and awesomely complex piano works, played by Ian Pace (pictured). This disc has been delayed by matters out of our hands but we hope to schedule it for early 2014.

divine art
sound sample to follow

Karl Fiorini
photo by Karol Komorowski

metier msv 28533
Karl Fiorini - Violin Concertos

Karl Fiorini is a well respected young Maltese composer now working and making a name for himself in Paris. His two Violin Concertos are fine works receiving their first recording with the Sudecka Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Bartosz Zurakowski. Soloist in Concerto I is Emanuel Salvador, while in No. 2 front of stage is Marta Magdalena Lelek.

Available in stores March 2014 - This disc is getting AMAZINGLY ggod reviews - don't miss it.


divine art
James Cook

divine art dds 29003 (Digital EP)
The Heavenly Anchorage

Composer James Cook specialises in vocal and chroal works based on the writings of 17th century Puritans who were under oppression during the religious turmoil in England after the Reformation. We've issued four CDs of his vocal music and two of organ works, bringing much praise from critics. This 20-minut "EP" is a set of five songs, performed by soprano Abigail Smith with harpist Elizabeth Scorah in beautiful settings, and is available as a digital download only - to be released in June. Buy from iTunes, Classics Onine etc,



divine art
preview mp3: Lullaby (extract)
Gilbert ROwland
Gilbert Rowland



divine art dda 21225 (2CD)
Handel - Suites for Harpsichord, vol. 3

The completion of the new complete recording of Handel's Harpsichord Suites, by Gilbert Rowland. The previous volumes have been highly praised. Due for release around December 2014.



divine art
sound sample to follow

Christopher Redgate

metier msv 28531
New Music for a New Oboe, vol. 2

In addition to the Electrifying Oboe album mentioned above, Christopher Redgate has two further albums: the first msv28529 Issued mid 2013 featured two epic new works by Michael Finnissy and Edwin Roxburgh, the second msv28531 will include new pieces by Richard Barrett and Sam Hayden and other brand new compositions. These albums also feature two brand new instruments: the Howarth-Redgate oboe and the Lupophon, so should be of interest to all oboists.

divine art
sound sample to follow

Kevin Malone

metier msv 28543
A Clockwork Operetta, etc

Anthony Burgess is world famous as a Shakespeare scholar and author - everyone knows the book and movie 'A Clockwork Orange' - and we surpised everyone with our recent release of his recorder music whihc has been getting good reviews (msv77202). Burgess also wrote a screenplay including several songs (not used in the film) whoch have been set in cabaret style by American composer Kevin Malone. Here we have A Clockwork Operetta and other Malone chamber and orchestral works finely played by John Turner, The Fidelio and Ebb Trios, and the Manchester Sinfonia.

divine art

Peter Seivewright

divine art dda 25103
Galuppi: Piano Sonatas, vol. 4

It's quite a while since volume 3 of this series was issued, and this one recorded. The pianist has had a rather busy time performing around the world, but this long-awaited disc is now scheduled for late 2014.


divine art
sound sample to follow

Erik Simmons



divine art dda 25116
"Litany" - organ music by Carson Cooman

American composer Carson Cooman is extremely prolific and is celebrated especially for his compositions for organ: as a skilled organist himself he has a special affinity with the instrument. This new CD features a lovely set of new pieces, mostly gentle and pastoral but with plenty of drama and interest, played by Erik Simmons. .

divine art
carson Cooman
Carson Cooman


divine art dda 25117
"In Beauty Walking" - orchestral music by Carson Cooman

We continue our Cooman series with a disc of sumptuous and unashamedly Romantic works reminiscent of the English pastoral tradition at its best - and this from an American composer with an American voice. Just beautiful - the title is most apt.
To be released in late autumn 2014. WIth Leah Crane (soprano), Chloe Trevor (Violin) Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kirk Trevor.


divine art
preview mp3: Estampie da capo from Sinfonia Concertante

Richard Howarth


metier msv 28546
"Pandora's Last Gift"

In the Metier 'New British Lyrical Music" unoffical series, this is a very fine program of works by Christopher Wright, whose work is being highly promoted by leading orchestras and instrumentalists especially in the UK. - two CDs of his music (String Quartets, Cello Concerto), are likely to be issued by Lyrita this year.

Very well constructed and rounded, the music here deals with the metaphorical challenges in life from a virtual Pandora's Box: places and experiences the composer has found inspiring: and the last gift: Hope.

A cast of leading soloists from Manchester England which is becoming one of the leading hotbeds of music, Including Metier/Divine Art regulars Lesley-Jane Rogers, Richard Howarth, John Turner, Tim Smedley and Elizabeth Jordan.

divine art
preview mp3: Capriccio (extract)

Jos Zwaanenburg



metier msv 28542
'Grist' - Contemporary flute music

One of Europe's top flutists, Dutch musician Jos Zwaanenburg, has recorded a disc of contemporary works (all first recordings) by Paul Whitty, Paul Dibley, Stephen Cornford and Efthymios Chatzigiannis - all for flute or bass flute with electronics.

Cutting-edge compositions, awesomely virtuoso playing. Due for release July 2014 (and see the new flute disc by Richard Craig, above)

divine art
preview mp3: Organ Grinder by Paul Dibley (extract)
Rhodes & Smith
Paul Rhodes & Kenneth Smith

divine art dda 21223 (2CD)
British Flute Masterpieces
We welcome back flautist Kenneth Smith and pianist Paul Rhodes for a tour de force of music including several major Sonatas. This album is a sequel to Flute Vocalise (DDV24156) and The Expressive Voice of teh FLuet (DDA21222) both of which have received critical acclaim and are just wonderful!

Due for release early 2015.

divine art
preview mp3: Lennox Berkeley: Sonatina (extract)