About Us

The Divine Art label began in 1993 in Northern England when founder Stephen Sutton made a cassette tape to raise funds for the restoration of his neighbouring church organ. This came to the attention of a local early music group which resulted in the company's first commercial CD release. One recommendation led to another and soon the company had a regular schedule of releases and simply grew and grew. In 2005 Stephen Sutton retired from his day job to run the label full time, having acquired Athene Records in 2003; this was followed by Metier, the UK's foremost specialist in new music, in 2007, Dunelm Records in 2008, and Heritage Media in 2009.

In the spring of 2009 the company set up a branch in New England (USA) under the name of Brandon Music. The American operationg company , Diversions LLC, is now the group parent and Sutton moved to the USA to manage the operation which includes a retail store and performance venue. Our main website has a more detailed profile here as well as more info on each label in our portfolio