Erik Chisholm - Music for Piano, volume 5

Erik Chisholm - Music for Piano, volume 5
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    An outstanding series continues with this CD containing more exquisitely crafted music from Chisholm - MusicWeb, reviewing Volumes 1 to 4, called this set "one of the musical discoveries and revelations of the 21st century". Anyone with a love for piano music should investigate this wonderful art.

    Murray McLachlan plays:
    Piobaireachd for solo piano, nos 14,16, 17, 19-23
    Sonatina no. 5
    Sonatina no. 6
    12 Cameos *
    Sonatine Ecossaise
    Harris Dance
    Dance Bacchanal
    Sonata Elektra

    * The Sunken Garden, The Blighted Tulip, Moonlit Apples, Tall Poplars, Seumas Beg, The Spring Lamb, The Seven Delicate Sisters, Cargoes, The Wagoner, The Rainbow, 'Unfinished' and one untitled Cameo.