Gregoriadou - Two Balkan Dances (download)

Gregoriadou - Two Balkan Dances (download)
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    “Balkan Dances for solo guitar” (2007) by Smaro Gregoriadou consist of two fantasia-form compositions, based on themes, rhythms and melodies originated from the rich musical heritage of Balkan countries, “re-baptized” though in modern guitar’s unique sound spectrum. Dance Nr 1 is based on a Bulgarian folk wedding song of unfortunately unknown origins, at least to me. Dance Nr 2 is based on an epic song from Karpathos, Dodecanese, south-eastern Greece (“A brave young soldier…”). The composition proposes several unconventional techniques, which guitarists are invited to freely explore. They refer to the considerable variety of unusual playing styles adopted by traditional instruments of all Balkan countries. In the hands of remarkable folk musicians these instruments and playing techniques revive tradition in a continually refreshing manner, and it is exactly this spirit of essential continuity that most “classical music” interpretations would long to gain, indeed. “Balkan Dances for solo guitar” was recorded by the composer on the cd “Smaro Gregoriadou: reinventing guitar!” issued in 2009 by DELOS (DE 3398)

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