Avison: opus 9 Concertos

Avison: opus 9 Concertos
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    Leader: Simon Jones
    Artistic Director: Peter Harrison
    Avison's music has been neglected for too long and we are delighted to offer the first recording on authentic instruments of these fine concerti.
    These pieces were written to be played in various ways; as chamber concerti with continuo in the baroque style; as works for solo keyboard; or as string quartets, as such being the earliest English examples of that genre. On this disc the opportunity is taken to present individual concerti with either harpsichord or chamber organ continuo, or without either.
    no.1 in G major; no.4 in G minor;
    no.6 in E minor; no.7 in E flat major;
    no.8 in B flat major; no.9 in C minor