Moeran: The collected 78rpm recordings

Moeran: The collected 78rpm recordings
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    Though E.J. Moeran is one of the leading British composers of the 20th century,very little of his music was commercially recorded during his lifetime - this is all of it!
    This performance of the Symphony from 1942 is still widely regarded as the best version ever recorded.
    CD contains:
    String Trio in G major (recorded 1941)
    Jean Pougnet, Frederick Riddle, Anthony Pini
    Symphony in G minor (recorded 1942)
    The Halle Orchestra, conducted by Leslie Heward
    Diaphenia and The Sweet o' the Year (recorded 1945)
    Heddle Nash (tenor)
    O Sweet fa's the Eve (recorded 1925)
    Can't you Dance the Polka? (recorded 1925)
    Sheep Shearing (recorded 1926)
    John Goss (baritone) & Cathedral Male Voice Quartet