White Dawn - Songs and Soundscapes by David Lumsdaine

White Dawn - Songs and Soundscapes by David Lumsdaine
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    Lesley-Jane Rogers (soprano); John Turner (recorder);
    Peter Lawson (piano); Gemini, directed by Martyn Brabbins

    David Lumsdaine's work is mostly rooted in Australia where he was born, though he now lives in the UK. This unique and intriguing set includes pieces for a variety of instruments (not all are vocal) a number of which relate to the Australian landscape and the sounds of its unique wildlife - which are also captured in live 'outback' recordings demonstrating the voices of the birds and creatures which inspired some of the works.
    The music itself is most approachable and well written. Definitely an important addition to the modern music repertoire.
    The billabong at sunset (Lake Emu); Frogs at night; Raven Cry; Serenade; Hunting a Crested Bellbird for Dr. Gilbert at Palm Creek

    A Little Cantata - Tracey Chadwell in memoriam
    Lesley-Jane Rogers, John Turner, Peter Lawson
    Blue upon Blue
    Jonathan Price
    Six Postcard Pieces
    Peter Lawson
    A Tree telling of Orpheus
    Lesley-Jane Rogers, Gemini
    Metamorphosis at Mullet Creek
    John Turner
    A Norfolk Songbook
    Lesley-Jane Rogers, John Turner
    Cambewarra Suite
    Peter Lawson