Dark Formations - Music by Ed Hughes

Dark Formations - Music by Ed Hughes
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    With rhythms simultaneously complex and simple, the music of Ed Hughes has a sound all of its own. This set features first recordings of many of Hughes' most prominent works, performed by the New Music Players and New Music Vocal Ensemble, groups founded by the composer, and pianist Richard Casey in the extended (38 minute) piano cycle Orchids. The vocal ensemble present A Buried Flame, a major choral work of 25 minutes' duration. Distinctive, original and yet extremely approachable, this is modern music as it should be.
    CD contents:
    Quartet; Chamber Concerto; Dark Formations
    Strike!; Sextet; Light cuts through Dark Skies
    New Music Players
    Orchids (I-VI)
    Richard Casey A Buried Flame
    New Music Vocal Ensemble