Thomas Fortmann: Sax Music

Thomas Fortmann: Sax Music
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    Thomas Fortmann is a composer with a rich and varied set of styles and inspirations, ranging from jazz, rock (he was a rock musician for many years), German cabaret and theatre-music, to serialism and modernist techniques. This creates a unique soundworld of likeable, fascinating music, often with a distinct sense of humour. These first recordings of music for saxophone (and saxophone quartet) demolish boundaries and are played by some of Europe's foremost sax players.
    Sonata for Saxophone and Piano
    Marco Falaschi (alto sax), Marco Podesta (pno)
    Catholic Blues
    Marco Falaschi (alto), Roberto Frati (baritone), Steve Potts (soprano), Ettore Candela (pno)
    Bach Cab
    Davide Vallini(soprano), Carlo Lapegna (pno)
    Eben, eben
    Marco Falaschi (alto), Carlo Lapegna (pno)
    Three Piggies in Clover
    Marco Falaschi (soprano), Francesca Corsi (alto), carlo Lapegna (pno)
    Quartetto Berlioz
    Pop Oh Kakapitl
    Quartetto Berlioz
    Sonatina (That Goretti Thing)
    Davide Vallini (soprano), Milo Vanelli (tenor)
    A Little American Night Music
    Quartetto Berlioz
    A Whale in the Circus (from the stage production 'Collidis Pinocchio'
    Ruber Marani (soprano), Marco Falaschi (alto), Francesca Corsi (baritone),Carlo Lapegna (pno), Devis Tarolli (drums)