Christopher Fox: Natural Science

Christopher Fox: Natural Science
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    TRIO SCORDATURA: Alfrun Schmid, vocal/violin; Elisabeth Smalt, viola; Bob Gilmore, vocal/keyboards; with Scott Mc Laughlin, electric guitar

    These works demonstrate yet another peak in the creativity of Christopher Fox; disarmingly simple, they demonstrate his uncanny ability to create music from the most unlikely inspirations such as the superb poetry of ian Duhig; travels through a cityscape, or the calculations of planetary orbits; also these pieces make use of tunings other than the 'normal' equal temperament we are familar with thus creating an other-wordly (yet firmly rooted in daily life) soundstage.

    für Johannes Kepler
    Trümmermusik: A Berlin Diary 1947
    Generic Composition #8
    Natural Science
    Sol-Fa Canon for Aldo Clementi