Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness

Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness
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    PETER SHEPPARD SKÆRVED (solo violin)
    The composer Paul Pellay describes this immense and absorbing work as 'a compositional diary of the two years it took to write' and says that a number of his preoccupations became part of its fabric - from autobiographical elements, to his interest in abstract constructions, to the art of Goya and the poetry of Ungaretti, political concerns and the odd 'nod' in the direction of other composers he admires. The 'fiendishness' of the title should not dissuade potential customers - it is far more approachable music than much other virtuoso solo violin music but fiendish certainly in its virtuosity and concept.
    Book I (6 sections)
    Book II Black Studies (8 sections)
    Book III Mid-South Recollections (6 sections)
    Book IV Dovetail Variants, Deviants and Digressions (10 sections)
    Book V Sereno (5 sections)
    Book VI Con(di)vergences (13 sections)
    Book VII (7 sections)