A Society Clown

A Society Clown
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    Leon Berger (baritone), Selwyn Tillett (piano)
    Grossmith was one of Britain's top music hall artists at the turn of the 20th century, and also successfully toured the American vaudeville theatres. His comic songs (some written in collaboration with W S Gilbert) range widely in style and many came from shows and revues which enjoyed great success. He was also the creator of several roles in the Savoy Operas.The best-selling novel "Diary of a Nobody" , written by "GG" together with his brother Weedon, is still in print. Sadly he never recorded himself, but Leon Berger and Selwyn Tillett, acknowledged authorities on Grossmith and his music, have re-created them wonderfully in period style.
    Tracks: See Me Dance the Polka; He Was a Careless Man; The Bus Conductor's Song; My Janet; How I Became an Actor; The Lost Key; The Mother & Her Child were There!; His Nose was on the Mantelpiece; The French Verbs Song; I am Not in the Vein, My Muse; Oh Butcher, Oh Baker; If you Value a Peaceable Life; I'm Tired of the Moon, My Love & Myself; Go On Talking - Don't Mind Me!; I Don't Mind Flies; The Baby on the Shore; I'm his Daisy; How I Became a Detective; My Lady Nature's Little Joke; Tommy's First Love; I Loved Her & I Left Her; Your Honoured & Ancient Name; The Happy Old Days at Peckham; See Me Reverse.