The Scottish Romantics

The Scottish Romantics
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    MURRAY McLACHLAN (piano)
    Most of the piano works of McCunn (whose operas are being rediscovered), McEwen, and Mackenzie, who is acknowledged to be one of Elgar's main influences, are on this disc, all for the first time. Pieces ranging in mood from Chopin to Debussy via Liszt, and all with an unmistakeable Scottish lilt.
    MacCunn: Six Scotch Dances; Valse
    McEwen: Four Sketches; Three Keats Preludes;Sonatina; On Southern Hills;Five Vignettes from La Côte d'Argent;
    Mackenzie: Three pieces from opus 13; Chasse aux Papillons;Harvest Home; Odds & Ends Book One.