Russian Piano Music vol. 2 - Rebikov

Russian Piano Music vol. 2 - Rebikov
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    Apart from the regular use of some his works in examination syllabuses, the music of Rebikov (1866-1920) is shockingly neglected - most items on this CD are receiving their first recording - and this is the composer who was once called 'the father of Russian modernism'. One of the first proponents of the whole-tone scale, his music is in a bewildering array of styles, influenced by composers as diverse as Debussy, Stravinsky, Copland and Villa-Lobos.

    The music here, part from the 20-minute Esclavage et libert?, consists of a number of suites of impressionist music.

    Modern, but bright, direct and often humorous music makes Rebikov the perfect composer for pianists and piano enthusiasts whatever their preferences in genre - all played with superb musicianship and wit by ANTHONY GOLDSTONE.
    Les demons s'amusent (No. 2 from Les reves, Op. 15)
    Les geants dansent (No. 1 from Dans leur pays, Op. 27)
    Feuilles d'automne, Op. 29
    Une fete, Op. 38
    Chansons blanches, Op. 48
    Esclavage et liberte, Op. 22
    Two episodes from Yolka (The Christmas Tree), Op. 21
    Trois idylles, Op. 50
    Scenes bucoliques, Op. 28
    Tableaux pour enfants, Op. 37
    Parmi eux, Op, 35