A Clockwork Operetta

A Clockwork Operetta
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    Music by Kevin Malone ranging from the ethereal and haunting 'Angels and Fireflies' in version for recorder and orchestra, to the new and eclectic chamber work American Terpsichore, the album centers around the 'pop' songs written by Anthony Burgess for the original film script of A Clockwork Orange, which was rejected by director Stanley Kubrick in favor of his own less agressive screenplay. A wild cabaret setting in which the songs have been arranged into five scenes, acrobatically performed by leading New York actress and singer Emily Howard..
    The Radio Song
    Emily Howard (mezzo-soprano), Elizabeth Jordan (clarinet), Adam Swayne (piano)
    American Terpsichore
    The Fidelio Trio
    Angels and Fireflies
    John Turner (recorder), Manchester Sinfonia, conducted by Richard Howarth
    A Clockwork Operetta
    Emily Howard (mezzo-soprano), Cheryl Law (viola), Adam Swayne (piano)