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pilgrim's star Regina Derieva was a celebrated Russian poetess, whose works were proscribed under the former Soviet regime after her conversion to the Roman Catholic faith. She and her husband Alexander, who produced the Pilgrim's Star recordings, moved to Israel, where again because of their religious affiliation they were treated almost as "non-persons" and denied basic human rights. They eventually were able to depart from that country and now live in Sweden.  Regina's poems have been translated and published in several countries.  We are able to offer the few remaining copies of the limited edition anthologies which were published in Jerusalem. We can also supply the original score of "Via Crucis" (CD27002)  To buy these books click the "Online Store" button. The boks are shipped from the USA

The Pilgrim's Star: Poems and Litanies. Includes all texts from "Via Crucis" and The Abundant Heaven ("Hail Mary") and several other poems. 97pp.
Price £4.50 (+post/packing)

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Book: The Pilgrim's Star

In Commemoration of Monuments.
Includes these collections: In Commemoration of Monuments,  A Belief in Pterodactyls, A Unit of Measurement, After a Lapse of Time.
60pp Price £4.50 + post/packing.

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Book: In commemmoration of Monuments

Inland Sea and other Poems.  Foreword by Tomas Venclova. includes poems from "De Profundis", "Absence" and "The Last War".  93pp   Price £4.50 (+ post/packing)

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Book: The Inland Sea

Via Crucis. A cantata for soloists, choir and organ by Armando Pierucci, set to poems by R. Derieva. As recorded exclusively on Pilgrim's Star CD 27002.
Full score (A4 page size): Price £7.00 (+ post/packing)

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Via Crucis: Score
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